Monday, 2 May 2016

Update #123

"Fight to the bitter end, with the knowledge that your faith in the Emperor shall sustain you."
- Sister Syballine, Sisterhood of St. Keeler.

The Imperium has managed to turn the crusade around in recent months. Targeting and recapturing vital worlds before moving on to the next has proved an effective move. Total victory over the forces arrayed against them is still some way off but if the Imperial military can continue to be victorious then the sector shall be theirs!

The Necrons having captured significant territory have halted their advance for now and appear to be awakening even more forces from the ancient tomb worlds that they have recovered. Imperial leadership is concerned that the Necrons will prove to be the largest threat the Imperium faces in the years ahead.

The Craftworld Eldar and their Corsair allies appear to be sowing chaos among the various factions, yet not claiming any real territory for themselves. Are they attempting to manipulate things for future events that others have not seen or have their recent civil war caused them to be lose cohesion? Will a new leader emerge to restore the Eldar alliance?

Chaos once dominated the sector but with the death of Kor Aven the united force has fallen apart. Abaddon's arrival has only served to fracture the alliance between the Chaos forces. If the Despoiler does not rally those forces to his banner once again Chaos will be driven from the sector for good.

The Orks once held to a handful of worlds have now begun to spread throughout the stars. Volistad will soon be liberated but under Gahzkull's leadership they could sweep across many worlds and form a brand new Empire.

The Kabal of the Golden Mask have become the dominant piratical force in the sector. Many other lesser Kabals have flocked to their banner. Now they fight on many worlds, capturing many slaves and feeding on the fear and despair of their enemies. As they fight for nothing more than this, Imperial command considers them a nuisance rather than a significant threat.

The Tyranid threat was once considered so terrible that whole new fleets of ships and regiments of guardsmen were brought in to contain them. However, the vanguard attacks have mostly been repulsed and the Tyranid advance halted significantly. Though not discounted the Hive Mind will need to change it's strategies if they are to feed on these rich worlds.

The Tau Empire and the Farsight Enclave have never really secured a foothold here. Too many threats arrayed against them have ensured that unless something significant happens they will never claim this sector for their own empires.

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