Monday, 2 May 2016

Operation: Nightfall - D'Then

Blood Angels vs Tau Empire.

Warmaster Xerxes plans to drive the Tau Empire out of the Midas Sector have begun. Before the assault can be made the Imperium needs information that only a Tau Ethereal can provide. Orders are given for the Blood Angels chapter to launch a surgical strike on the war torn world of D'Then. Their objective is to decimate as many Tau as they encounter but to capture and return a living Ethereal at all costs.

Using the eclipse of two of D'Then's moons, the battle barge Blood of Martyrs manages to glide silently into a position above the planet but out of sight of the Tau and Tyranid vessels waging war throughout the system. They deployed via drop pod assault into a major colony and began annihilating all Tau warriors and civilians whilst making for the command post.

The veterans breached the command bunker and successfully captured the Ethereal. As they dragged the prisoner back to the designated extraction point the Tau warriors and battle suits did everything possible to stop them but the space marines fought on and reached the extraction point ready for teleport back to the battle barge. The remaining Blood Angels then set to exterminating the Tau and establishing a suitable landing site for future Imperial forces.

The captured Ethereal was returned to Midas Prime where the Ordos Xenos conducted the interrogation.

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