Thursday, 26 May 2016

Into Darkness - Acastus Prime

Dark Eldar / Craftworld Iyanden vs Ultramarines.

The Kabal of the Golden Mask with an allied force from the Iyanden Craftworld have successfully removed the threat of Chaos on Acastus Prime. Now with the Imperium attempting once more to secure a foothold on the planet, these allies have turned their attention to stopping the Imperial incursion. Once more the Ultramarines were tasked with establishing a suitable beachhead. While they engaged the xenos threat other Imperial forces began to deploy landing craft. The attempt failed due to combined Eldar and Dark Eldar control of the skies. Without air support the attempt failed and the space marine beachhead failed once again.

Repulsed - Crastus

Craftworld Saim-Hann vs Dark Angels.

On Crastus the Eldar have defeated the Farsight Enclave and have now turned their attention to the eradication of the Ork threat. When a Dark Angel force launched an assault on their lines the Eldar of Saim-Hann fought back hard, slowly pushing the space marines back from the front lines of the war. Simply put, the space marines were not prepared for a war ready army of Eldar. The Dark Angels inflicted the casualties that they could but were forced to pull back ready for a second attempt when the time was right.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Planetary Defense - Metallo

Cult Mechanicus vs Traitor Guard.

Abaddon's plan to halt the Imperium's growing successes across the sector have come to this assault. His plans involve launching an all out attack on the only forge world in this corner of space, Metallo. The vanguard strike are a regiment of traitor guard dispatched to capture ground. The Mechanicum mobilizes a sizable force to meet them and the two armies meet on the field of battle.

The war lasts for several weeks with the relentless Mechanicum war machine slowly obliterating the traitorous guardsmen. Soon the war ends and Metallo remains in the hands of the Imperium although how this will effect Abaddon's plans has yet to be revealed.

Operation: Nightfall - D'Then

Blood Angels vs Tau Empire.

Warmaster Xerxes plans to drive the Tau Empire out of the Midas Sector have begun. Before the assault can be made the Imperium needs information that only a Tau Ethereal can provide. Orders are given for the Blood Angels chapter to launch a surgical strike on the war torn world of D'Then. Their objective is to decimate as many Tau as they encounter but to capture and return a living Ethereal at all costs.

Using the eclipse of two of D'Then's moons, the battle barge Blood of Martyrs manages to glide silently into a position above the planet but out of sight of the Tau and Tyranid vessels waging war throughout the system. They deployed via drop pod assault into a major colony and began annihilating all Tau warriors and civilians whilst making for the command post.

The veterans breached the command bunker and successfully captured the Ethereal. As they dragged the prisoner back to the designated extraction point the Tau warriors and battle suits did everything possible to stop them but the space marines fought on and reached the extraction point ready for teleport back to the battle barge. The remaining Blood Angels then set to exterminating the Tau and establishing a suitable landing site for future Imperial forces.

The captured Ethereal was returned to Midas Prime where the Ordos Xenos conducted the interrogation.

Return to Fangol - Fangol

Death Korps of Krieg vs Dark Angels.

The Dark Angels have returned to Fangol to locate their original stronghold. Hidden within it's computer records is information that the chapter's Inner Circle does not want falling into Imperial hands lest it raises uncomfortable questions. Upon their arrival they find the site has been discovered by a contingent from the Death Korps of Krieg.

Upon landing the space marines claim ownership of the fortress and request that the company depart but they are under orders from Inquisitor Butlerian. This leaves the Dark Angels no choice but to engage the guardsmen. The surprise assault took the guardsmen by surprise but they soon rallied. Although brief, the engagement went fully into the hands of the Death Korps who drove the Dark Angels back into their transports. The Dark Angels retreated back into orbit and bombed the site from orbit. The information contained in the computer records was too valuable to allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

Update #123

"Fight to the bitter end, with the knowledge that your faith in the Emperor shall sustain you."
- Sister Syballine, Sisterhood of St. Keeler.

The Imperium has managed to turn the crusade around in recent months. Targeting and recapturing vital worlds before moving on to the next has proved an effective move. Total victory over the forces arrayed against them is still some way off but if the Imperial military can continue to be victorious then the sector shall be theirs!

The Necrons having captured significant territory have halted their advance for now and appear to be awakening even more forces from the ancient tomb worlds that they have recovered. Imperial leadership is concerned that the Necrons will prove to be the largest threat the Imperium faces in the years ahead.

The Craftworld Eldar and their Corsair allies appear to be sowing chaos among the various factions, yet not claiming any real territory for themselves. Are they attempting to manipulate things for future events that others have not seen or have their recent civil war caused them to be lose cohesion? Will a new leader emerge to restore the Eldar alliance?

Chaos once dominated the sector but with the death of Kor Aven the united force has fallen apart. Abaddon's arrival has only served to fracture the alliance between the Chaos forces. If the Despoiler does not rally those forces to his banner once again Chaos will be driven from the sector for good.

The Orks once held to a handful of worlds have now begun to spread throughout the stars. Volistad will soon be liberated but under Gahzkull's leadership they could sweep across many worlds and form a brand new Empire.

The Kabal of the Golden Mask have become the dominant piratical force in the sector. Many other lesser Kabals have flocked to their banner. Now they fight on many worlds, capturing many slaves and feeding on the fear and despair of their enemies. As they fight for nothing more than this, Imperial command considers them a nuisance rather than a significant threat.

The Tyranid threat was once considered so terrible that whole new fleets of ships and regiments of guardsmen were brought in to contain them. However, the vanguard attacks have mostly been repulsed and the Tyranid advance halted significantly. Though not discounted the Hive Mind will need to change it's strategies if they are to feed on these rich worlds.

The Tau Empire and the Farsight Enclave have never really secured a foothold here. Too many threats arrayed against them have ensured that unless something significant happens they will never claim this sector for their own empires.

Carnage! - Bantis V

Dark Eldar vs Death Guard.

On Bantis the Death Guard fight to drive the Dark Eldar raiders from the world. Unfortunately for them the raiders poisoned weapons are more than enough to cause major casualties to the plague marines. A series of minor skirmishes across the main continent force the plague marines back granting the raiders an opportunity to launch pincer attacks against them. Cut off and surrounded the Death Guard are soon whittled down.

Lords of War - Hermes IV

Traitor Knights vs Blood Angels

The war on Hermes comes to a sudden halt as something previously unseen enters the war; a legion of traitor Knights! These mighty engines of war march into the path of the Blood Angels space marines. Unable to hurt these mighty behemoths of destruction the space marines attempt to retreat but find their path blocked by a second detachment of Knights. They report in to command about the new threat and prepare to sell their lives dearly. The battle is short lived and the space marines force is decimated with no survivors. The traitor Knights then march towards the main lines of the Imperial advance.

Liberation - Pelias IX

Craftworld Saim-Hann vs Dark Eldar

Pelias IX is a world forgotten by many in the various wars plaguing the sector. It has spent the better part of the last year buried in conflict between Dark Eldar, Orks and the falling Craftworld Alaitoc. Now, after months of obscurity the Alaitoc defenders have recieved vital help. Craftworld Saim-Hann has come to their aid against the piratical brethren.

Using fast moving skimmers, jetbikes and aircraft, the forces of Saim-Hann launched a surprise attack on the main body of the Dark Eldar forces. The initial attack scattered the Dark Eldar giving Alaitoc the chance to retreat and regroup. Saim-Hann pursued the Dark Eldar at speed across the surface of Pelias IX. Although the initial attack only scattered the enemy, it did give the Craftworld forces a much needed victory.

Death from the Skies - Metallo IV

Dark Angels vs Dark Eldar

Following the corsair attack on Metallo, the third company of Dark Angels came to the forge world's defence. Rather than the Craftworld's arriving to attack the planet, the webway had released a raiding force of dark Eldar. These pirates came in waves of fighters and skimmers, so the Dark Angels only deployed a skeleton force to guard key locations. The rest attacked with fighter and bomber aircraft. Swooping over the landscape these aircraft battered the Dark Eldar skimmers negating their superiority. Under such a savage and swift attack both the Corsairs and the Dark Eldar fled back into the webway.

Battle of Ha'rar Colony - Acastus Prime

Tau Empire vs Dark Eldar.

The Battle of Ha'rar was part of the Tau - Kabal of the Golden Mask war. The battle took place at the Ha'rar colony. The Tau leadership had predicated that the pirates would raid this colony and bolstered the defences with extra fire warrior teams and fortifications. Though the Dark Eldar forces reached the colony outskirts, the battle went against them quickly and their forces were too exhausted to take the colony. They eventually had to withdraw to prevent serious losses.

Operation: Righteous Fury - Callista V

Dark Angels vs Death Guard

With the war to retake Volistad from the Orks going well, the Imperium turns it's attention to reclaiming the fallen shrine world. First in are the Dark Angels ever on the search for the Fallen before anyone else finds them.

By the end of the first month, the Dark Angels had been successful in capturing or destroying 60% of their designated targets. These victories did not come without drawbacks. The Death Guard defenders inflicted heavy casualties on the attackers before themselves being defeated. The Dark Angels then followed up by gaining aerial superiority until the Imperial Navy could arrive to secure the Callistan airspace.

The Dark Angels then moved on to launch raids on the main Chaos marine military installation. These attacks were led mainly by the Raven Wing using attack bike squads and waves of fast moving land speeders. The fighting was vicious as both sides knew what the stakes were for control of the planet. After two days of fighting the Death Guard retreated to regroup with other traitor marine forces.