Monday, 18 April 2016

Hive Fleet Repelled - Ventara

Orks vs Tyranids

It has been some months since Imperial intelligence has cast it's eyes over the situation in the Ventara system but it now appears that the war is coming to an end. The Orks vastly outnumber their Eldar opponents with more and more fresh greenskins popping up every day. The Eldar have no choice but to slowly retreat and allow the Orks to claim total dominion over this world.

The Eldar escape was made all the more easier by the sudden arrival of a small Tyranid vanguard fleet. The monsters managed to break through the orbiting Ork ships and actually deploy forces to the surface. Immediately the Orks turned from their weaker foe to this more interesting and aggressive foe. The Tyranids immediately suffered the same problem, for every Ork slain several more arose to fight. Over weeks of brutal combat the Orks achieved a very easy victory against the Tyranids and were able to destroy each of the hive ships in orbit.

The Eldar however, while mostly evacuated, have maintained a small mobile strike force on Ventara should the chance arise to take out the greenskin menace.

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