Friday, 26 February 2016

Jungle Strike - Grimlock

Black Legion vs Craftworld Alaitoc

For the last couple of months since the Tyranid menace of Grimlock was eradicated, the Eldar have focused their fire upon the Chaos forces present. They have launched a series of fast hit and run strikes which the chaos marines have had a hard time countering. Recently however, with the arrival of Black Legion reinforcements they have begun to draw the Eldar out and isolate them in order to reduce their numbers. In the dense jungles the Eldar have a hard time manouvering at speed and it is this flaw which the Black Legion champions have used against them. Drawing the Eldar into established kill zones they slaughtered hundreds of the alien raiders and forced the Eldar to withdraw and plan a new attack method.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Update #121

"The roar of engines, the recoil of cannons. That is where the true joy of battle lies."
- Sergeant Chronus, Ultramarines chapter.

The Power of Chaos - Urbis III

Word Bearers vs Ultramarines

The Imperium continues in it's attempt to liberate the world of Urbis III from the traitor and xenos forces occupying the planet. The Ultramarines have been fighting the forces of Chaos in the southern hive cities but to little avail. With every victory they achieve the Word Bearers achieve two more elsewhere, often in the fight against the Dark Eldar. The space marines must now chose their targets more carefully and ensure that they can hold out against the Chaos forces arrayed against them but things do not look good for the time being.

A Bridge Too WAAAGHH!!! - Metallo V

Cult Mechanicus vs Orks.

An Ork raiding part has crashed onto the surface of Metallo initiating a full mobilization of the Mechanicus forces present. The resulting skirmish lasted for several days as the two armies clashed in the ash wastes between facilities and in the barren mountain valleys. The Mechanicus forces were successful in eradicating the greenskin menace but fears have arisen that perhaps the Forge World will be the next target for the Orks and requests have been sent to secure further military forces in the advent of such an attack.

Battle for Mining Station Empsilon - Rakdos

Tyranids vs Harlequins

A minor engagement in the scheme of wars across the Midas Sector, the battle for Mining Station Epsilon was the last battle between the Tyranids and the remaining Eldar forces on Rakdos. A troupe of Harlequins ambushed a marauding pack of organisms as they roamed ahead of the main forces. By the reports of the escaping miners, the harlequins fought the monsters and allowed the miners to escape largely unharmed. The harlequins were slain by the creatures they fought, and it has left the advisers to Warmaster Xerxes concerned as to the motivations of the Eldar and why they would do this.

Return of the Enclave - Infernus

Farsight Enclave vs Necrons.

For reasons unknown the forces of the Enclave have returned to Infernus and this time in much greater numbers. Their ships, mighty Custodian class battleships, smashed aside the orbiting defences and allowed the smaller drop ships to reach the surface unharmed. Once down, the commanders set up defensive perimeters until the larger forces were deployed.

The Necrons reanimated and marched to combat this new threat to their supremacy. The Enclave had studied their foe however and were ready for anything that could be thrown at them. Incoming jetbikes and aircraft were ruthlessly shot down and the waves of destroyers destroyed by powerful volleys of fire. When the main body of the Necron army arrived they found the Enclave perfectly prepared to fight the long war. It is at this stage that the war enters it's third month with the Enclave slowly pushing back the machine defenders while new manpower and equipment is deployed to the surface on a constant day and night basis. With the forces now arrayed against them, it may be unlikely that the Necron forces can survive a prolonged attack on their new world.

Bloodbath - Bantis V

World Eaters vs Death Guard

The forces of Chaos continue to wage war upon the worlds of the Bantis system. Fighting both the Tyranids and raiding parties of Dark Eldar, the various Chaos Marines have been forced to divide their forces against multiple threats but have slowly begun to emerge victorious.

Things have not gone well for the Chaos forces however,  due to the number of World Eater legions fighting. On several occasions the unholy rage as taken them over and they have turned on their allies without hesitation. One particularly brutal conflict occurred as the World Eaters fought alongside elements of the Death Guard against the Dark Eldar. After slaughtering thousands of xenos warriors, the World Eaters fell upon their allies. The Death Guard seemed largely immune to the wounds and injuries inflicted upon them but had fewer number as the forces of Typhus were spread across the sector. Whittled away piece by piece (literally), the servants of Nurgle were forced to flee or be cut down. Chaos had been victorious but events such as these were reducing their overall numbers and effectiveness.

The Enclave Devoured - D'Then

Tyranids vs Farsight Enclave

Any hope that the Empire had of assistance from their estranged cousins in the Enclave have been dashed. The Enclave forces had been extremely aggressive in their desire to destroy the Tyranids and it had cost them greatly in manpower and equipment. Slowly, their numbers were whittled away while the Tyranids grew evermore in numbers and ferocity. Eventually the Enclave forces were routed and scythed down in a brutal bloodbath. The Tau however were able to bolster defences and seek assistance elsewhere from their own forces but whether it will be enough has yet to be decided on the blood soaked battlefields of D'Then.

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Emperor's Wrath - Hermes V

Imperial Fists vs Traitor Guard

More and more Imperial forces make planetfall upon Hermes V in a non stop effort to eradicate the forces of Chaos. In the many months of fighting since the war for this world began the Imperium has suffered many setbacks not the least of which has been the number of Astra Militarum regiments who have turned traitor and joined Abaddon's cause. The task of hunting down and eradicating these renegades has been handed to the Imperial Fists chapter under Captain Lysander. They have brought fear and wrath to the traitors, driving them before them and cutting them down with no remorse. Although it has taken months to locate and destroy each regiment, the loss of each and every traitor force has allowed the Imperial war effort to progress forward.