Friday, 1 January 2016

Opportunity Raid - Metallo IV

Crimson Slaughter vs Space Wolves.

The Midas Sector receives an unexpected visit as a warband of the Crimson Slaughter passes through seeking supplies for their own crusade. They descended upon the forge world of Metallo in search of those very materials of war. The Tech priests sent out a call for aid but help was not to arrive for several days until a company of Space Wolves translated into system.

The struggle was brief for the traitor marines outnumbered the Space Wolves three to one. However the arrival of the Imperial marines was enough to force the Crimson Slaughter to withdraw with their looted munitions. However, a few remained to hold a Chaos presence here. Their sorcerers called across the Warp to draw other Chaos marines here to hold off the Imperium as they made their escape.

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