Friday, 22 January 2016

Failed Invasion - Khemet III

Necrons vs Farsight Enclave

The Farsight Enclave continue their strategy of testing the weaknesses of potential targets but this time they may have attacked more than they could handle. The Enclave launch an attack upon the Necron home world of Khemet III. The machines immediately retaliated and their assault was devastating to the Enclave ground troops who had no where to retreat to.

Slowly the Necron warriors herded the Enclave ground forces into the range of their long range weaponry, and then further still into a kill zone between multiple Necron regiments. The Enclave never stood a chance and the ships in orbit were forced to retreat out of the system, leaving any troops to die on the surface.

Infighting - Volcanis

Death Guard vs Death Guard

On distant Volcanis the Death Guard presence have fallen into infighting as aspiring champions fight to claim dominance. Once such champion, having secured a large regiment of plague marines and cultists, sought to prove his worth to Nurgle and marched upon the stronghold of Typhus. The two champions of Nurgle faced each other on the sulfur plains where they fought to the death. Battle was long and bloody, with plague marines of both sides seemingly immune to death. Eventually the unknown champion was successful in disrupting Typhus' cult and the traveler simply pulled his forces into the Warp, leaving the renegade faction to their small victory.

Return to Rakdos - Rakdos

Imperial Fists vs Craftworld Alaitoc

The Imperial forces on Rakdos have formed a defensive posture, holding out until further aid can come to aid against the Tyranid menace. No such help has been forthcoming and the Imperial Fists librarians do not feel that they can breach the shadow in the warp but until help does arrive they will lead the defense of Rakdos. Thus far they have succeeded in keeping the Tyranid horde at bay as the world is slowly devoured around them.

Help did not arrive but forces of Craftworld Alaitoc have returned and for reasons of their own ignored the alien invaders in favour of storming the walls of the Imperial outposts. The Imperial Fists chapter of space marines marshaled the defenders and took the fight back to the Eldar. The space marines suffered from a lack of ammunition where as the Eldar of Alaitoc had a seemingly endless supply if troops striking into the ranks. Eventually sustained fire brought down the outer walls forcing the space marines to concentrate on those weak points but drawing excessive fire as they did so.

The outnumbered and outgunned space marines soon fell to the last man and the Eldar swept past them into the outpost where they massacred the fleeing planetary defence forces. The Imperial defenders elsewhere now watch their walls and pray to the Emperor that help comes to them before the Eldar do.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Update #120

"This is war! You find the enemy, then go after and destroy him. Nothing else matters!"
- Groth, Word Bearer.

Fall of the Hive - Grimlock

Iyanden / Dark Eldar vs Tyranids.

The war for Grimlock has been long and bloody with various sides fighting for supremacy. From this constant warfare has arisen a new brief alliance between the Dark Eldar and their brothers from the Iyanden Craftworld. Working in concert to remove the Tyranid threat they have waged a lengthy battle of hit and run skirmishes which have caused intense damage to the bio creatures of Hive Fleet Amorak.

After months of fighting, they finally slaughtered the last few Tyranid organisms. Now they just have the last few Chaos and Necron forces to eradicate and the Eldar will have claimed this death world.

Opportunity Raid - Metallo IV

Crimson Slaughter vs Space Wolves.

The Midas Sector receives an unexpected visit as a warband of the Crimson Slaughter passes through seeking supplies for their own crusade. They descended upon the forge world of Metallo in search of those very materials of war. The Tech priests sent out a call for aid but help was not to arrive for several days until a company of Space Wolves translated into system.

The struggle was brief for the traitor marines outnumbered the Space Wolves three to one. However the arrival of the Imperial marines was enough to force the Crimson Slaughter to withdraw with their looted munitions. However, a few remained to hold a Chaos presence here. Their sorcerers called across the Warp to draw other Chaos marines here to hold off the Imperium as they made their escape.

Infernus Revolts - Infernus

Necrons vs Chaos Daemons

The turning of the year sees a fresh offensive by the forces of Chaos. The Word Bearers legion breached the Necron orbital defences and using ancient powerful rites summoned a massive horde of daemons to the surface of Infernus. The daemonic horrors assaulted the Necron strongholds, smashing the machine armies before they could react. Bolstered by the chants of the Word Bearers the daemons resisted the call of the Warp as well as the eldritch weapons of the Necron warriors.

The daemonic army continued to grow and carved out a wide swath of territory which soon began to turn back into the living flesh that Infernus had once been. The Necrons mobilised and Infernus was once again plunged into bloody war.