Monday, 30 November 2015

The Imperium Triumphant - Fangol

Ultramarines / Craftworld Altansar vs Tau Empire.

Aid for the Ultramarine forces on Fangol has come from a very unlikely source, Craftworld Altansar. With the Eldar hounding the Tau invaders the space marines were able to slam into the Tau lines and inflict heavy casualties. Unable to bring their advanced firepower to bear upon two fast moving armies, the Tau lines soon collapsed. The Ultramarines swept in and began to eradicate the remaining alien warriors. Meanwhile the Eldar of Altansar simply vanished back into the webway from whence they came with no explanation for their unsolicited assistance.

Evacuation - Illiad

Necrons vs Blood Angels

The war for Illiad appears lost. The Necron army is too vast and too powerful for the Imperial forces currently present to handle. A decision has been made at the command level to evacuate all remaining Imperial ground troops from the surface and for the time being, hand the planet over to the machines. In order to facilitate the withdrawl, the Blood Angels chapter has been called in to engage the enemy to allow the evacuation transports to escape.

The space marines engaged the advancing Necron forces initially via a drop pod assault followed up by a wave of thunderhawk transporters. Their assault halted the main thrust of the Necron advance just long enough for the transports to achieve orbit and dock with the main troop carriers. The Blood Angels then fought a retreat back to their own thunderhawks and likewise evacuated. Only a handful of brave marines and guardsmen remained to hamper the Necrons until the end but for now Illiad was another jewel in the new Necron empire.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Update #118

"You know, just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to lasguns.
- Private Tobias, 669th Cadian.

The Battle of Helicon City - Illiad

Astra Militarum vs Necrons.

The Battle of Helicon City stands out as the finest display of an offensive battle in the wars for Illiad. It was this battle which saw the climax of the recent Necron invasion of the Midas Sector. The Necron Army invaded Helicon City on 121115.M41. Their primary objective was to capture the city and surrounding areas which had strategic importance for both the Necrons and the Imperium.

Before the capture of Helicon City by Necron forces, this western sector was under Imperial control. Similar to earlier in the war, plans were made to capture this strategic location. The reason behind this plan was to deter the Imperial forces from attacking the crucial north-south line of communications passing via the Grugat Canyon. A huge force of Necron warriors was given the task of protecting this sector and later attacking the neighbouring sectors sectors. On the Imperial side, the 699th Cadian was given the task of defending the city; the Astra Militarum believed that by attacking the Necron forces at Grugat, they could guarantee the defence of Helicon City.

The battle ended in an Necron victory, with their forces taking control of the city. The Necrons gained about 450 square miles of Imperial territory. The 699th Cadian put up stiff resistance at the spaceport and at several defensive locations. They withdrew when the commanders realised Helicon City could not be held.