Saturday, 17 October 2015

Update #117

"You cannot exaggerate about the space marines. They are convinced to the point of arrogance, that they are the most fercious warriors in the universe, and the amusing thing is, that they are." - Aun'Shi, Tau Ethereal.

Blood Bath - Callista VI

Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons.

The attempted recapture of the sector's shrine world has finally collapsed with the arrival of Ahriman and his Thousand Sons. manifesting from the Warp itself, the evil chaos marines of Tzeentch assaulted the Imperial forces from the rear crushing them between the Thousand Sons and the Black Legion. The Astra Militarum, already weakened from months of grueling warfare, were not match and swiftly cut down. Only the might of the Blood Angels stood to resist them but it was not to be. By the use of eldritch sorcery, the foul servants of Tzeentch did cast aside all who opposed them.

Warmaster Xerxes' advisors fear that this change of tactics for Ahriman means that he has reconciled his differences with Abaddon. What this means for the future of the Crusade occupies the thoughts of all who fight the scourge of Chaos.

The Empire Returns - Fangol

Tau Empire vs Ultramarines.

The Tau Empire has announced it's intention to take ownership of the Fangol system. A company of Ultramarines was dispatched to halt their invasion and keep the Imperium from losing another world to it's enemies. By the time that the space marines reached the system the Empire had already made an unchallenged planetfall.

The Ultramarines followed standard protocol and launched a drop pod assault into the Tau lines. The Empire was now used to this move and had prepared an ambush for the incoming space marines. Many pods were shot down and those which did reach the surface came under a heavy fusillade of fire, costing many lives. The chapter was forced to launch air strikes in order to provide some cover for their brothers on the surface but it was not enough. For now the Tau had laid claim to the surface and it would a hard won fight to defeat them.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Defensive Line - Rakdos

Imperial Fists vs Craftworld Alaitoc

As the Blood Angels fought to hold back the Tyranid horde on Rakdos itself the Imperial Fists space marines fought to hold the Eldar craftworlds at bay. Along the Volstoy Ridge, the Imperial Fists had constructed a mighty bulwark and from this line they would hold them back.

The battle was fierce as the Eldar sent wave after wave of jetbikes and flyers in against the wall first and then assaulted their lines with guardians and aspect warriors. The space marines fought to defend the line. After three hours the Eldar had taken significant casualties that they retreated, and the space marines took the opportunity to pursue. Many Eldar were cut down that day and the Craftworld forces took heavy damage.

The Hive Returns - Rakdos

Tyranids vs Blood Angels

Another wave of hive ships from Hive Fleet Amorak have reached the Rakdos system and the organisms quickly overrun the outer worlds. The planetary defence forces call for aid and it comes swiftly on the wings of Sanguinious. The space marines of the Blood Angels launched an assault on the first wave but were repulsed by sheer numbers. The Midas Sector had never faced a Tyranid horde of this size before.

The Blood Angels then launched an attack against the alien menace on the outer moons of the system. Due to the sheer numbers of organisms the Blood Angels firepower proved ineffective so the marines assaulted the Tyranids, engaging in the fierce mayhem of close combat. The Blood Angels were again unable to hold the alien menace at bay, and slowly, across the system, they overran the strongholds of man and alien alike.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Supply Raid - Rakdos

Space Wolves vs Farsight Enclave.

On this date a resource desperate detachment from the Farsight Enclave made planetfall on Rakdos and quickly captured three supply stations and one promethium mine. The Imperial defenders launched a series of air strikes to dislodge them but the damage was minimal as they could not risk damaging the stock piles of vital supplies. A company of Space Wolves present on the surface, also to rearm and resupply, launched an attack to dislodge the aliens. The supply stations fell to the space marines swiftly but an assault on the mines required careful planning.

The final battle began with two squads of terminators teleporting successfully into the lower mine workings and fighting their way up forcing the Tau out into the open where the rest of the company awaited them. Once the aliens were pushed into the open the Space Wolves released a savage battle cry and battle was joined. Savagery prevailed and the Enclave pirates were put down within hours.

Enclave Valiant - Crastus

Farsight Enclave vs Orks.

The Enclave refuses to let the Orks defeat their invasion of Crastus. After a briefly delay while they awaited for the arrival of the Enclave fleet they returned en mass to the surface of the planet. Once they held a sizeable landing site the Enclave launched it's war against the greenskins.

The Enclave inflicted casualties on Ork outposts across the outer wastes. The Ork retaliated by launching an massive counter attack effort to eliminate Enclave ground troops who had been surrounded after the attack. To relieve forces almost cut off , the Enclave then counter attacked attempting to push the greenskins back and relieve the troops caught this way. As the war escalated the Orks found themselves unprepared and forced into a temporary holding position while the Enclave continued to deploy forces across the surface of Crastus.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bloodbath - Volistad

Blood Angels vs Orks.

An invasion force of three Blood Angel's companies, deployed to the surface of Volistad in another attempt to capture and defeat the Ork command. The Orks fell back, leading the space marines into a trap. When the Blood Angels pursued the Orks closed the net around them and launched a massive assault which the Blood Angels barely managed to survive. This became a standard operational method for the Orks and it soon became apparent that these Orks were far more cunning that most. Repeated attempts to retake the space port failed leaving the Imperial forces high and dry.

Might of the Ork Horde - Crastus

Farsight Enclave vs Orks.

As suddenly as the newly arrived Enclave army had driven back the Imperial forces they found themselves under heavy assault by the very orks that the Imperium had been fighting just days before. With little time to form a defensive position, the Enclave ground troops waged a brutal series of hit and run attacks across the front. Their attempt to sow confusion into the Ork horde failed terribly and only served to enrage the greenskins even further. Soon, the Orks had driven the Tau off world and looked close to claiming Crastus for themselves.

Farsight Invasion - Crastus

Dark Angels / Imperial Knights vs Farsight Enclave.

The Imperial retake of the Crastus system has been thwarted by the sudden arrival in system of a Farsight Enclave invasion force. Swiftly an alliance was made between the Dark Angels chapter and a house of Knights tasked with eradicating the Eldar threat on the planet. Assisted by the Knights, the space marines launched themselves into the Enclave lines. The plan being to hold the enemy at bay long enough for the Imperial reinforcements to arrive. Alas no help came the three Knights were systematically wiped out by a detachment of impressive battle suits. The Dark Angels were then forced to withdraw leaving large swathes of territory in alien hands.

The Hook - Volistad

Blood Angels vs Orks.

Elements of the Blood Angels chaoter were engaged in fierce fighting to prevent the Ork forces from gaining ground. One such action took place at a feature called "the Hook", a crescent shaped ridge not far from the Ork command fortress. There had been two previous engagements at the Hook earlier in the war when first the Ultramarines, and later the Black Watch regiment, had successfully held the Hook against Ork assaults upon their arrival the following month. This ridge was a place of tactical importance in the sector.

The Ork forces charged the space marine positions once the bombardment ceased. The fighting that ensued was bloody and akin to the battles that the Blood Angels had fought during the war for their homeworld Baak. Artillery shells rained down on the Hook, from both the Imperial and Ork forces. The Orks launched a second attack but were cut down by heavy weapon fire. Further attacks occurred during the day, but all were defeated in heavy fighting

Imperial Forces Repulsed - Volistad

Astra Militarum vs Orks.

On 260915.M41 at 4 am, following two days of preliminary air strikes, the Imperial bombardment intensified across the 30 km front held by the greenskin horde. At 5 am, the guns and howitzers of the Astra Militarum extended their firing range to allow for the infantry to advance behind a rolling barrage. The concentrated bombardment succeeded in clearing the foliage on Triangle Hill and Sniper Ridge, destroying most of the above-ground fortifications on the two positions.

As the guardsmen approached the Ork defenses, they were met with a fusillade of heavy weapon fires. Unable to safely advance, guardsmen were forced to rely on close-support artillery to subdue the Orks, but a complex network of bunkers and tunnels allowed the Orks to bring up reinforcements as the above-ground troops were depleted.

The Orks managed to inflict heavy casualties on the attackers, but their defenses were starting to give way under devastating firepower. The defending Orks was forced to withdraw into the tunnels. Even so the Imperial battalions suffered heavy casualties. When only partial progress could be claimed by the late afternoon, Imperial attacks subsided and preparation of defensive positions to face a Orks counterattack began.

Against the Hive - Pyros

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

The Imperium has recaptured Pyros and has begun to rebuild the defences. New colonists are on route to repopulate the planet. As usual in the Midas Sector things do not stay peaceful for long and Pyros has become the latest world to lay in the path of the Tyranid hive fleet. As the shadow in the warp begins to spread across the world the Space Wolves, who had been resupplying since the retake of the world, began to organise a defence.

The initial Tyranid assault began with the arrival of spore pods filled with smaller gaunt organisms. This force was defeated by the space marines who had had ample time to prepare the planetary defences. The Space Wolves then consolidated and prepared for the arrival of the main Tyranid attack force.