Monday, 7 September 2015

The Tau Strike Back - T'Lau

Ultramarines vs Tau Empire.

The Tau Empire, ever determined to recapture their lost territory have returned to T'Lau. Tha Tau were successful in inflicting severe casualties upon the defenders which allowed them to capture a number of strategic locations and give themselves a safe landing site far from enemy artillery. The attack lasted for over a month with the Astra Militarum being constantly on the backfoot. Already weakened and exhausted from recent attacks on the planet they were ill equipped to handle such a large scale invasion.

Then suddenly and expected, a storm of drop pods descended from the skies into the heart of the Tau command. Battle brothers from the Ultramarines chapter emerged and engaged the Tau. Elsewhere they deployed via thunderhawk transports to the outer defences of the Imperial defenders. While the veterans sought to slay the alien leadership, these new arrivals launched attacks into the outer lines. Confusion and panic spread throughout the Tau military and they retreated back towards their command. The Ultramarines pursued, never giving the xenos the chance to regroup or resupply. When the Tau commander fell, slain in single combat with the Ultramarines captain, the Tau lines collapsed. The Astra Militarum then moved in to mop up the stragglers and routed fire warriors. It took the Ultramarines several more swift strikes to finish off the last Tau present on T'Lau but their attempted invasion failed but they would return.

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