Saturday, 26 September 2015

Update #116

"You may win this war, Commander, but I promise you, when it is over, you will have lost so many ships, so many lives, that your "victory" will taste as bitter as defeat." - Abaddon the Despoiler

Death to the Xenos - Thule

Astra Militarum vs Tyranids.

The last of the Tyrnaids have been driven back out of the great cities and into the wastes beyond. The Hive Mind was trying to regroup and reinitialize the horde. In that moment of pause, the combined forces of the local PDF launched a counter attack with decimated the larger organisms and robbed the hive of it's synapse. From there it was almost child's play to mop up the smaller organisms.

With Thule finally cleared of the alien aggressors peace once more fell upon the benighted world. Even as the armed forces breathed a sigh of relief and turned their attentions to rebuilding the defences, something dark and malevolent continued to monitor the human population and planned an invasion of it's own.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Wrath of Fenris - Hermes IV

Space Wolves vs Black Legion.

An intensive air raid was carried out on several places around Abaddon's fortress base. The Black Legion responded by  throwing a battalion-sized force to pin down the advancing Space Wolves. Before the night was over six additional companies joined in the action. The Black Legion held firm and inflicted heavy casualties upon the attackers.

The tide of battle turned when the Space Wolves received reinforcements from their orbiting spacecraft. Wave after wave of drop pods and support craft plunged from the skies. Despite their numbers the Black Legion suffered terribly at the hands of these new Imperial aggressors. Slowly they found themselves pushed back into the confines of their own fortress, pursued by rabid wolves and enraged space marines.

By days end the fortress had fallen and was in Imperial hands. Despite a through search no trace of the Despoiler was found. The search continues and it will not end under Abaddon is defeated!

Battle of Bloody Ridge - Hermes IV

Blood Angels vs Death Guard

Across the sector the war against the forces of Chaos has been largely successful. Abaddon's forces been whittled away by constant warfare and ferocious infighting. Under Warmaster Xerxes' command a task force was dispatched to bring the fight to them. The righteous fist of the Blood Angels chapter was the first to arrive.

The second company made the first strike. They succeeded in capturing most of the ridge where a foul Death Guard fortress lay, although it took a week of hand to hand fighting. It was a short lived victory for the chaos marines soon launched a mighty counter-attack.

The next Blood Angel attack was led by the third company and lasted ten days as the Death Guard repulsed one assault after another. After repeatedly being driven back, the third company succeeded in capturing one of the Chaos fortress after two days of heavy fighting. The weather then turned to almost constant rain, greatly slowing the attacks and bogging down tracked vehicles.

Fighting continued and the casualties mounted on both sides. Ultimately the combination of frontal attacks, flanking movements and incessant bombardment by artillery, tanks and airstrikes, decided the battle. Finally, over two weeks since the battle started, the Death Guard abandoned the fortress and fled.

Dawn of War - T'Vora

Tau Empire vs Orks.

The battle of the Orthan Flats was a major engagement between the forces of the entrenched Tau Empire and the invading ork menace. The fighting occurred during the Tau Spring Offensive and saw the them establish blocking positions in the Kapyong Valley, on a key route south to the planet's capital. Two forward battalions occupied positions astride the valley and hastily developed defences. As thousands of ork boyz began to withdraw through the valley, swarms of boyz infiltrated the Tau position under the cover of darkness, and assaulted the Tau positions during the evening and into the following day.

Although heavily outnumbered, the Tau held their positions into the afternoon before they were finally withdrawn to positions in the rear of the valley, with both sides having suffered heavy casualties. The Orks then turned their attention to the fire warriors on the flats, but during a fierce night battle they were unable to stop them. The fighting helped blunt the Ork offensive and the actions of the Tau and their Kroot allies were important in assisting to prevent a breakthrough on the central front. The two Tau companies bore the brunt of the assault and stopped an entire greenskin division during the hard fought defensive battle. The next day the Orks withdrew back up the valley, in order to regroup.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Update #115

"If you're going to go to war against a major enemy, go; knock the hell out of him fast, and go in there to kill him and get it over with." - Brother Ulus, Blood Angels chapter.

The Return - T'Lau

Blood Angels vs Tau Empire

The Tau Empire has returned to T'Lau and in greater numbers than before. Spreading out through the system they launch a number of attacks on Imperial installations. When at last they broke through the planetary defence perimeter and deployed their fire warriors the Imperium was waiting for them. The Blood Angels space marine chapter lay in wait and staged an ambush as soon as the Tau hit the surface.

Across T'Lau the alien invasion was halted and thrown back. The Tau fleet withdrew to the edge of the system and waited. The Imperial navy moved to engage but the fleet led them a chase until they pulled back to defend T'Lau. But out there the Tau waited and planned for another invasion attempt.

Death to the Emperor! - Callista VI

Traitor Guard vs Dark Angels

The Imperial advance across the graveyards of Callista VI has come to a halt once more. This time the threat has come from within their own ranks. Several regiments of Astra Militarum revealed their colours and turned traitor, throwing their lot in with the forces of Chaos. Two former allied regiments were killed before the rest realised the situation and reacted.

Assistance was called for and help arrived in the form of the Dark Angels chapter, fresh from the front lines against Chaos. The space marines engaged in the ruins of the former command bunker using their terminators to start the attack. The traitor guardsmen were ready and prepared for the inevitable Imperial counter attack, especially from the space marines.

The traitors began by using their heavy weapons to bring down any land speeders and heavy vehicles. Then they turned their lasguns upon the Dark Angels. Outnumbered five to one, the Dark Angels fought bravely but the sheer mass of firepower thrown their way pushed them back time and time again. Eventually the orders were given to withdraw and regroup. But this would be a dark day for the Imperium and it's quest to recapture this world for the Emperor.

This World is Ours! - Grimlock

Thousand Sons vs Tyranids

Abaddon's new plan of attack seems to be seeding the worlds of the Midas sector with as many marines under his command as possible. Although a lesser target in the bigger scheme of things, Grimlock has been chosen as the target for a detachment of Thousand Sons and allied chaos marines. Their first target however, was not the expected Eldar or Necron forces but rather the alien Tyranid hordes.

In the heart of alien ruins deep within the flesh-eating jungles, the two armies stalked one another. The tyranid forces were lightly armoured gaunts and similar organisms, while the Chaos marines brought with them hulking daemons engines which the tyranids could not handle. What few truly monstrous creatures there were soon died to massed fire power and eldritch sorcery.

From the heart of the Thousand Sons lines emerged dread Ahriman who followed the Despoiler's orders not out of a sense of loyalty because he sought some ancient relic hidden deep inside one of the alien pyramids. With it in his grasp he dispatched the army to eradicate all threats to their rule here on Grimlock.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Update #114

"There are things you can't fight - acts of the universe. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you're in a Titan, you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win."
- Adolphus Brun, Warhound titan pilot.

Infighting - Hermes IV

Black Legions vs Night Lords.

Once more the forces of Chaos have begun to turn upon themselves. On Hermes sporadic fighting has broken out between the Black Legion loyal to Abaddon, and elements of the Night Lords legion. The cause of the civil war is unknown to Imperial analysts but the outcome was very much in the Imperium's favour as the forces of Chaos slowly whittled each other away.

Friendly Fire - Callista VI

Astra Militarum vs Space Wolves.

In an unfortunate incident a detachment of Astra Militarum opened fire upon a company of Space Wolves in an area of Callista called the Angelis Segmentum. Fearing that they were Chaos Marines, the guardsmen simply opened fire and the engagement began. The encounter was brief but the damage was done and by the end many space marines were badly wounded or killed. The Imperial commander in charge was held responsible and executed as a warning to others.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Update #113

"The Space Wolves revere the Emperor as the greatest warrior of all time, the only being to have ever bested Leman Russ in hand-to-hand combat. When Space Wolves call upon Russ or the Emperor in battle, it is to witness the deeds of men and to judge the fallen."

Blood Among the Tombstones - Callista VI

Black Legion vs Blood Angels.

In the days before this engagement the Black Legion had arrived and taken command of the Chaos forces present. They attacked and captured three vital landing sites. From these locations they launched airstrikes against the Imperial lines. After recent engagements against both Orks and Daemons, the Astra Militarum were becoming demoralised and aid was requested from the space marines. The bloodied Blood Angels responded.

The Black Legion moved a sizable force through the necropolis in preparation for battle. Imperial navy bombers targeted their landing sites not realising that they were no longer necessary to the Chaos war effort. Unfortunately the largest bombing effort in the current war proved destructive but pointless.

The Black Legion command were unimpressed with the Imperial bombardment and expected the defenders to be easily broken. When the Blood Angels came to the defenders aid they were outnumbered four to one. Many of their numbers wounded or slain by the recent altercation with the Space Wolves. The engagement was brief with the Blood Angels being forced into a defensive force, allowing the Astra Militarum to retreat back to their aegis lines. By the time that the space marines pulled back to resupply, the forces of Chaos had captured much territory and reports soon came in that the Black Legion had launched surprise attacks on the few working power generatorums, further weakening the Imperial war effort.

Rabid Wolves - Callista IV

Space Wolves vs Blood Angels

The dark sorcery which compelled the Space Wolves to attack their allies on Midas Prime has risen again. Enhanced by their passage through the Warp, the foul magic has turned this company of Space Wolves into rabid berzerkers. When the strike cruiser Hel's Grasp appeared above Callista IV the Imperial forces below thought that aid had come to assist their recapture of this world. They were very wrong.

The Space Wolves began their frenzied attack by dropping into the heart of the Blood Angels 4th company. They roared from their drop pods, blood specked foam spilling from their lips, and smashed into their allies. The Blood Angels fought a defensive engagement desperate to keep their battle brothers alive. The Space Wolves fought like warriors possessed, cutting through the Blood Angels with ease.

Many hours later the insanity lifted as suddenly as it appeared. The Space Wolves fell to their knees and cried for forgiveness from the Emperor for being weak. The Blood Angels captain almost called for them to be brought before the Inquisition but instead demanded that the Space Wolves take their rage against the enemies of mankind. In the following days the Space Wolves were instrumental in driving the last of the Orks from the planet. They then put themselves forward for a repentant crusade and would not return until the forces of Chaos had been driven from the Callista system.

The Tau Strike Back - T'Lau

Ultramarines vs Tau Empire.

The Tau Empire, ever determined to recapture their lost territory have returned to T'Lau. Tha Tau were successful in inflicting severe casualties upon the defenders which allowed them to capture a number of strategic locations and give themselves a safe landing site far from enemy artillery. The attack lasted for over a month with the Astra Militarum being constantly on the backfoot. Already weakened and exhausted from recent attacks on the planet they were ill equipped to handle such a large scale invasion.

Then suddenly and expected, a storm of drop pods descended from the skies into the heart of the Tau command. Battle brothers from the Ultramarines chapter emerged and engaged the Tau. Elsewhere they deployed via thunderhawk transports to the outer defences of the Imperial defenders. While the veterans sought to slay the alien leadership, these new arrivals launched attacks into the outer lines. Confusion and panic spread throughout the Tau military and they retreated back towards their command. The Ultramarines pursued, never giving the xenos the chance to regroup or resupply. When the Tau commander fell, slain in single combat with the Ultramarines captain, the Tau lines collapsed. The Astra Militarum then moved in to mop up the stragglers and routed fire warriors. It took the Ultramarines several more swift strikes to finish off the last Tau present on T'Lau but their attempted invasion failed but they would return.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

War Games Gone Wrong - Midas Prime

Ultramarines vs Space Wolves.

While the Imperium begins to cleanse and rebuild the cities and infrastructure of Midas Prime, the planet's greatest defenders organize some war games to test their mettle in friendly combat. But Chaos has not left the planet undefended and the Space Wolves trigger a sorcerous trap left for them by the sorcerers of Tzeentch. The mighty Space Wolves are tricked into believing their opponents are traitorous Chaos Marines and release the full force of their ferocity upon the Ultramarines. Once the initial surprise wore off the Librarians of the chapter quickly realise what has happened and successfully free the Space Wolves from the enchantment. The Space Wolves are repentant and retreat to their ships, heading back into battle seeking to redeem themselves.