Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blood in the Snow - Bantis V

Black Legion vs Tyranids.

A rag-tag fleet of traitor forces fleeing the loss of Midas Prime have arrived in the Bantis system. Deploying to the surface the chaos marines immediately ran into the Tyranids swarming the surface. Forced into an escalating combat situation the Black Legion were initially put on the back foot but they soon turned the tide of battle. Slowly the Tyranid biomass was pushed back along multiple fronts allowing more of the traitor legions to land on Bantis.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Update #112

"The ultimate determination in war is the man on the ground with a gun. 
This man is the final power in war. He is in control. He determines who wins." - Warmaster Xerxes

Tzeentch Triumphant - Infernus

Thousand Sons vs Necrons

Abaddon has dispatched a force of chaos marines to reclaim his old seat of power at Infernus. First to deploy were the Thousand Sons who successfully used dark magic to shroud their ships from the orbital weapon platforms. Once on the surface the automaton marines of the legion marched in huge numbers towards the Necron constructs. The machines now aware of their presence mobilized and marched to war.

Although it is not known to Imperial war scholars exactly how the Thousand Sons were able to defeat and overpowered the Necron army, the traitor legion managed to do just that in a matter of hours. Maybe the diminishing energies of the dead daemon world assisted them with daemonic allies or maybe Imperial reconnaissance was corrupted.

The forces of Chaos now had a fresh hand hold on their former home world and with it, more and more traitor marines and cultist war bands reached the surface ready for a new war.

The Emperor's Wrath - Callista IV

Gray Knights vs World Eaters

Imperial forces have finally arrived in force to forcibly reclaim the shrine world for the Emperor. The Grey Knights lead the attack and bring their wrath to the World Eaters chaos marines. Despite the victories over the Blood Angels in recent weeks the chaos marines suffered heavy casualties almost from the start of the invasion. The Grey Knights set to the enemy with bolter and blade, smashing through the enemy with righteous fury. Even as the servants of the Blood God mobilised heavy weapon teams the Grey Knights teleported into position to engage them before they could open fire.

With the berzerkers slain or routed the Imperium now had the means to launch their crusade to reclaim this world.

Renegades Suffer Major Defeat- Ventara

Craftworld Altansar vs The Fated.

The Fated, under command of Lieutenant Karrson Merradon, launched another supply raid seeking vital supplies. This time the war band targeted the world of Ventara. While searching the old Tau ruins they were detected by a ranging force from the Altansar Craftworld. The Eldar succeeded in sneaking close to the ruins and taking out the sentries with ease. Before the Fated marines could form too much of a defence the Eldar launched a swift attack. Flights of jetbikes and grav tanks swooped through the ruins all weapons firing. The fast moving Eldar pushed the chaos marines back further and further until they were caught between the fast moving vehicles and the infantry. One by one the Fated fell until only Lieutenant Karrson Merradon remained standing. Cursing the aliens, he activated an emergency teleport device and returned to his ship, eager to depart the system.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Update #111

"Primary systems are hit. We've got fire on all decks now. 
There's nothing we can do except..[static]" 

Lost in the Storm - Infernus

Farsight Enclave vs Necrons

Blown off course buy a burst of ectoplasmic energy from the remains of Warpstorm Midas, a Farsight regiment has found itself in the vicinity of Infernus. No longer a world of living flesh, Infernus has become a calcified wasteland illuminated by patches of green light from the new Necron tomb structures. The oribital defences opened fire, destroying six of the Enclave ships. The remaining seven took enough damage that they plummeted through the atmosphere. Of those only two survived slamming into the surface.

The Tau survivours knew that they would have to fight if they were to have any chance to live. Powering up the remaining suits and vehicles, they emerged into the gray wastes to find the crash site surrounded by the unliving machines. It became a vicious firefight in which the Enclave were able to deal significant damage but their lack of mobility caused them considerable trouble. The Tau managed to fend off the Necron defenders for the better part of twenty six hours but as their numbers dwindled, the Tau found the battle impossible to win. What few fire warriors who escaped were soon hunted down and eradicated.

Reign in Blood - Callista VI

World Eaters vs Blood Angels.

The Imperial command has received a missive from the Ecclisarchy. The holy church of the Emperor demands that the Callista system be recovered from the hands of aliens and heretics less they call for a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Warmaster Xerxes. Unwilling to anger the holy church, Xerxes orders a task force to head to Callista and reclaim that world at all costs.

The vanguard was a force of marines from the Blood Angels chapter of space marines, who deployed from orbit into the Chaos lines. Among the ruins of a vast cathedral the chapter faced off against a sizable company of World Eaters traitor marines. After the first few shots, both armies clashed in close combat among the ruins. The tide of battle was in the hands of the World Eaters however, and they cut down the Blood Angels with ease. Eventually the space marines were forced to retreat and await the arrival of the Imperial reinforcements.

Meanwhile the daemonic hordes were moving in to eradicate the last of the Ork presence on the planet.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Update #110

"During your little war, you drove away your traitors, oh yes, but you did not think to clean up your mess. If a few of them came to Volcanis, well, where is the harm in that, yes? You want to see the harm? Do you? There is the legacy of your war!" - Commander Farsight

Enclave Forces Routed - Volcanis

Thousand Sons vs Farsight Enclave.

Aid has come to the Night Lords in the form of a Thousand Sons war band. The two legions come to an agreement and the servants of Tzeentch take the war to the Enclave. Across a vast no man's land the two armies exchange fire before the Thousand Sons begin to march forward, warded by their esoteric sorcery. Once in close range the chaos marines surge forward to engage the enemy in hand to hand fighting. Eventually the Enclave forces were cut down or retreated back into orbit.

Madness Rising - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Grey Knights.

There have been concerns that the encounter between the Blood Angels and World Eaters some time ago has had an unnatural effect upon the Blood Angels stationed on Illiad. A company of Grey Knights have been dispatched to investigate. They determine that the Blood Angels have succumbed to the rage common to their lineage. For the safety of others, it is determined that they must be destroyed. Forced to fight their own allies, the Grey Knights took down the enraged Blood Angels. The bodies returned to the chapter as a mark of respect.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sanity Restored - Illiad

Ultramarines vs Chaos Daemons.

The Fated may have left Illiad after their recent raid but the summoned horrors they left behind have proven to be a threat. The Ultramarines, though eager to pursue the traitors, took the fight to the horde of daemons bearing down on them. Thankfully for the space marines the horde was not large and easily contained. Once surrounded, the Ultramarines simply marched forward forcing the horrors into an ever shrinking kill zone. It was not long before the last of the daemons was banished back to the Warp.

Forces of Darkness Clash - Acastus Prime

Dark Eldar vs Chaos Daemons.

The forces of darkness in the universe clash as the Dark Eldar on Acastus Prime assault the Chaos forces recently arrived. The chaos marines are too few in number to pose much of a threat but the daemons they brought with them are. The Dark Eldar target the daemonic horde first, slaying many of the lesser horrors in long range strikes before closing in with the main body of their forces. Combat is swiftly joined. The battlefield is soaked with blood, ichor and the fading residue of Chaos. Although the tides of battle shift back and forth, the Dark Eldar soon gain the upper hand. The daemons are banished back to the Warp and the Chaos Marines are likewise soon overrun.

Raiders Repulsed - T'Lau

Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar.

T'Lau has known peace for several months and the rebuilding efforts are continuing. Into this lull in the fighting have come a Dark Eldar raiding force seeking fresh slaves for the Dark City. Initial casualties and MIA's were heavy but under skillful leadership the men and women of the Astra Militarum rallied. They took the fight to the piratical Eldar, fighting for their new home with amazing bravery. By dawn the Dark Eldar had fled with their captives leaving fear and confusion in their wake.

WAAAGH! Rising - Ventara

Orks vs Craftworld Altansar.

Repeated attempts by the Tau to secure a foothold on Ventara have proven unsuccessful. Attempts at massed orbital bombardment from space have only driven the Orks into a frenzy and sent them crashing into the Eldar lines. The defenders have received aid from Craftworld Altansar but the sheer number of enraged Orks coming their way has been all too overwhelming.

The Eldar have attempted to use their fast mobility to corral the Orks into the rocky lowlands where they might be more easily handled but the exercise failed miserably. Instead, the greenskins charged the Eldar lines rather than be guided and forced them into a melee situation they were not prepared to handle. Rather than risk too many lives the Eldar have fallen back with the Ork in pursuit. By their actions above, the Tau may have given the Orks the impetus to overrun this world and claim it as their own.