Saturday, 25 July 2015

Warp Backlash - Medea

Chaos Daemons vs Thousand Sons.

It would appear that the gods of Chaos are once more fickle and working to counter the actions of their fellows. On Medea where Tzeentch seeks power stolen from the Eldar, the gods dispatche a host of daemons from the Warp to impede their actions. With the ancient aliens forgotten, Ahriman leads his followers into battle. The daemons seem impervious to the psychic powers of the sorcerer and push the Thousand Sons back into the jungle. Time and time again Ahriman tries to drive the monsters back into the Warp but without success.

Although Ahriman loses territory hard won by, the chaos daemons do pursue the Eldar into the own defences thus increasing the hold that Chaos has on this world.

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