Thursday, 30 July 2015

Supply Raid - Illiad

Ultramarines vs The Fated.

Unseen for many months, the warband known as The Fated have reappeared to wreck havoc upon the Imperium. This time they have attacked a supply convoy headed to the front on Illiad. Seemingly desperate for fresh ammunition and equipment the warband overcame the human guards with ease before attempting to make an escape.

As they reached their evacuation point, The Fated were intercepted by two companies of Ultramarines. The loyalists took out three transports with long range fire before advancing upon the enemy position. Caught out in the open, things looked bad for the chaos marines. However fate did seem to be on their side as once the Ultramarines closed in, the tide of battle turned. The Fated marines took the fight to the hated Ultramarines and were successful in tieing them up long enough for the escape shuttles to arrive. The equipment was stowed under heavy fire but made it out intact. A few Fated remained behind to cover the escape and seem to have been successful in holding back the Imperial attacks, at least for now.

Eldar Alliance Heresy - Crastus

Craftworld Saim-Hann / Imperial Knights vs Dark Angels.

For reasons of their own, the Eldar of Craftworld Saim-Hann have come to the aid of the Imperium against the Ork menace on Crastus. Working alongside the Knights of House Terryn, the Eldar stemmed the Ork advance casting them back into the heart of the great hive city. Victory may have been a possibility had not the alliance come under attack by a detachment of Dark Angels.

The space marines saw the alliance as heresy and took their vengeful wrath to their "allies". The Dark Angels had far few ground forces than the Eldar and did not have the ability to contain the Knight detachments. House Terryn was forced to fire upon the Dark Angels as they retreated back to the Imperial lines. The Eldar then swiftly drove the space marines back and planted their flags on the territory now captured.

House Terryn made complaints to the Dark Angels command but no response was forthcoming. Instead, the chapter left the planet to it's fate and returned to deep space in silence.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Update #109

"With the thirty-seven keys of Tzeentch, we open the way for our brothers. With the thousand whispers of Slaanesh, we call to them. With the twelve plagues of Nurgle, we fell their enemies. And with the mighty axe of Khorne, we cut open the world for them." - Zarathur, Thousand Sons.

Warp Backlash - Medea

Chaos Daemons vs Thousand Sons.

It would appear that the gods of Chaos are once more fickle and working to counter the actions of their fellows. On Medea where Tzeentch seeks power stolen from the Eldar, the gods dispatche a host of daemons from the Warp to impede their actions. With the ancient aliens forgotten, Ahriman leads his followers into battle. The daemons seem impervious to the psychic powers of the sorcerer and push the Thousand Sons back into the jungle. Time and time again Ahriman tries to drive the monsters back into the Warp but without success.

Although Ahriman loses territory hard won by, the chaos daemons do pursue the Eldar into the own defences thus increasing the hold that Chaos has on this world.

Blood Rain - Illiad

World Eaters vs Blood Angels.

Following on from Abaddon's orders, the World Eaters legion manifests from the Warp above Illiad. Ignoring the Necron presence on the planet, they slam into the Imperial lines with abandon, slaughtering a swath through the guardsmen. Only the timely arrival of the Blood Angels halted their slaughter.

The Blood Angels deployed via drop pod to start with to provide a screen so that the main body of the company could deploy by thunderhawk elsewhere. Only then did the space marines lure the berzerk marines of Khorne into a well chosen kill zone. The World Eaters proved hard to kill, shrugging off bolter rounds and explosives as though they were not there. Some who still maintained a sense of self, formed gun lines of heavy weapons and returned fire upon the Blood Angels.

Despite a valiant attempt to destroy the forces of Chaos, the Blood Angels were forced to retreat. The stain upon the chapter in this crusade was growing. The World Eaters then regrouped and once more marched upon the Imperial lines.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Update #108

"In war there is no reward for coming second." - Comissar Holt.

Convoy Raid - Arathis Secundus

Dark Angels vs Death Guard.

The Death Guard and Dark Angels have fought a series of minor engagements out among the ice fields of Arathis Secundus ever since the forces of Typhus first made planetfall. Thankfully the deep cold of this world has prevented the spread of disease that might have otherwise turned the tide of the skirmishes. Ever since, the Ravenwing have maintained regular patrols with land speeders and bike squads between the Dark Angel outposts scattered across the planet's surface.

One such patrol, escorting a supply convoy, came under attack by Death Guard ground troops and was destroyed. There was not much left by the time Ravenwing reinforcements, led by Sammael - master of the Ravenwing, arrived to investigate. They did however engage the remaining Death Guard marines seeking to loot the wreckage although Sammael was sorely wounded in the battle.

Reinforcements - Thule

Grey Knights vs Tyranids.

Aid has reached Thule in the form of the Grey Knights. The fortress world cannot be lost or else the whole crusade may come crashing down. The few remaining Astra Militarum regiments and space marine companies were holding the core of the hive cities which allowed the Grey Knights to deploy both to the cities themselves as well as to the wastes beyond the walls.

The Grey Knights then took the fight to the alien horrors giving much needed relief to the defenders. The skills and abilities needed to bring down the hardiest of daemons proved valuable against the Tyranid bio-organisms. The lowliest gaunt to the mightiest hive tyrant fell beneath bolter and holy blade. They cut a mighty swatch through the tyranid lines and within two weeks had liberated several hive cities. The tyranid presence that remained was small and would soon be crushed by the might of the Imperium's finest.

Aftermath of Failure - Hermes IV

Black Legion vs World Eaters.

Abaddon and his followers have retreated to the one stronghold that Chaos has presently, the Hermes system. Enraged by the failure to keep a hold of the sector capital, Abaddon releases his forces against those who he deems to have failed him. In this case the World Eaters legion. The two legions battle and waste limited resources slaughtering one another until finally the Black Legion outnumber the World Eaters and successfully subdue them. Abaddon demands they leave and take the war to the Imperium as a penance for their failure.

Bloodbath - Callista VI

Chaos Daemons vs Night Lords.

The Chaos Gods are fickle. When a contingent of Night Lords arrived at Callista - drawn there by the will of the Ruinous Powers, the daemonic armies sweeping across the planet turned upon them. The Night Lords had landed and expected to be assisting the daemons against the greenskin meance. Instead the chaos marines were surrounded and defeated by the unholy horrors.

Chaos Vanguard Halted - Arathis Prime

Necrons vs Night Lords.

The war between the Necrons and Eldar on Arathis Prime has long since faded into the static background of the Crusade. Left to their own devices the two ancient powers have waged a lengthy war of attrition and it is one that the Necrons seem to be winning.

On this date however the war received a new twist. Elements of the Night Lords legion arrived as a potential vanguard from the traitor forces fleeing Midas Prime, seeking a new base of operations. The Night Lords would first have to scout out the strength of the Necron forces by engaging them in battle. Ultimately the sheer number of machine warriors proved too much for the chaos marines and the Night Lords were swiftly eradicated. Abaddon's army would need to find another base of operations for their conquest of the Midas sector.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Update #107

"Win or lose, we'll go down fighting. Take us into the fire." - Captain Sicarius, Ultramarines

Slay the Beast - D'Then

Farsight Enclave vs Tyranids.

Calls for help from the Tau colonies on D'Then have received aid from the Farsight Enclave. The Enclave put aside it's distrust of the Empire to save them from the might of Hive Fleet Amorak. It space the Enclave ships engaged the bioships to keep them occupied while the ground forces attacked the alien bio-organisms that ran roughshod over the planet.

The Enclave have so far been able to stem the alien advance and push them back from the colonies. The number of dead on both sides is incredible but the Enclave perseveres. They continue to wage war against the Tyranids but the colony leaders fear that the price for their aid will be to abandon the Empire and join the Enclave.

Dawn of a New Darkness - Callista IV

Chaos Daemons vs Grey Knights / Assassins.

The Ordos Malleus have located apocrypha in one of the ancient tomes that may explain the presence of Be'lakor on Callista IV. If the records are correct he seeks an ancient relic hidden away since before the formation of the Midas Warp Storm and entrusted to the care of the Adeptas Sororitas. This relic if used when the stars were right could transform this once holy world into a new daemon world in mockery of what it once represented.

A detachment of Grey Knights with assassin assistance was swiftly dispatched to halt this vile scheme. Dropped into the heart of the daemonic horde the Grey Knights began to fight their way through to the ancient cathedral that housed the dark relic. The daemons fought with greater ferocity than expected and the Grey Knights found it hard going to breach the cathedral. When they finally did so the relic and the ancient daemon prince were long gone.

Only War! - Rakdos

Ultramarines vs Craftworld Saim-Hann.

Resources have become even more vital for the continuation of the war effort and the Ultramarines have been tasked with the recovery of several promethium mines on Rakdos. The chapter deployed a fast moving assault force with jump pack marines and land speeders with aerial support. This proved very effective as it was Craftworld Saim-Hann which guarded the mining sites, and they were supported by jetbike squadrons. Battle was engaged swiftly to cause as much confusion for the enemy as possible. Although easily outmanouvered by the swifter jetbikes, the Ultramarines brought the Emperor's wrath down upon the alien, and it paid off. Many Eldar died that day and those who fled would report that the anger of the space marines was more formidable that normal. The promethium mines were once more in Imperial hands and resupply operations would start up with immediate effect.

Freebooterz! - Crastus

Space Wolves vs Orks.

The Imperial effort to recapture Crastus continues to falter as the Ork filth double their efforts to claim this world as their own. The Space Wolves were dispatched in to stem the tide. A task they fulfilled with savage bravery.

It began with a small diversionary attack on an Ork outpost two miles west of the front lines. Many orks left the front lines to fight in the new battle taking place. These were ambushed on route and destroyed, but it still left many hundreds of orks to dealt with before the engagement was over.

The ork war lord called in air support as the Space Wolves took to the battlefield and at this time the space marines did not have much air support or defence. The marines took heavy casualties and before they could engage the ork army in close combat. The battle lasted twelve hours before the marines had to pull back to rearm and resupply. Unfortunately the attack had the opposite effect from what they intended and the orks surged forward and into Imperial territory.

A New Hope - Medea

Craftworld Altansar vs Thousand Sons.

The defenders of Medea have received aid from their brethren in Craftworld Altansar. Fresh for combat the new arrivals took up the mantle of defence while the native Eldar retreated to rest and resupply. Ahriman's forces had expected to slowly destroy the Eldar in a protracted war of attrition but he had not counted on these reinforcements from the webway. The new arrivals fought the chaos marines through the forests of Medea and slowly began to reclaim territory captured.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Old Rivalries - Midas Prime

Space Wolves vs Inquisition / Astra Militarum.

Midas Prime is once more in Imperial hands as the last of the traitor forces are destroyed. Of Abaddon there was no sign and it has been concluded that he has escaped off world somehow. This was not to be the last engagement of the war to reclaim the planet however. The Space Wolves, never a force to trust or accept the Inquisition, took offence at the recent treatment of the Astra Militarum and launched an attack on the returning forces.

The encounter was brief as the Space Wolves targeted the Inquisitorial leadership as revenge. Those guardsmen who did not fight back were spared but those who did were likewise cut down. The Space Wolves leadership then withdrew and lodged an official protest with Warmaster Xerxes' leadership.

Update #106

"This is the law. The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either." - Colonel Straken.

Battle for St Keeler's Point - Hermes IV

Thousand Sons vs Ultramarines.

In the wake of Ahriman's departure a force of Tzeentchian chaos marines remained to hold off the Imperial forces. The Ultramarines engaged but were forced back repeatedly. Soon the chaos marines were confidant enough to rise from their holdings to march upon the loyalist marines, forcing them back in return. The chaos marines captured new facilities which allowed them to rearm and resupply. The Ultramarines performed a strategic withdraw to contemplate a new course of action.

Wolf Strike - Pyros II

Space Wolves vs Craftworld Altansar.

The might of the Space Wolves has come to Pyros. The wrathful space marines launched a drop pod assault into the heart of the Eldar territory causing terror and confusion. The Eldar were not prepared and all were forced into bloody close combat where the Space Wolves reigned supreme. The xenos were cut down swiftly and without mercy. Within a matter of hours the Space Wolves had dispatched all of the alien presence on Pyros before returning to their flotilla and back into the Warp.

Things Man Was Not Meant To Know - Midas Prime

Inquisition / Astra Militarum vs Astra Militarum.

Following the recent victories over the forces of Chaos, Inquisitior Lord Butlerian decided that those regiments who had seen the forces of Tzeentch should be eliminated. No point in allowing what they had seen be spread as rumour among the other regiments. Pulling in regiments from other war zones, the Inquisition directed them to engage those surviving elements. Fearful they did as ordered. Chaos was being defeated but where the ends appropriate in the long run?

The Emperor's Wrath Incarnate - Midas Prime

Inquisition / Astra Militarum vs Thousand Sons

In the wake of the Imperial vanguard, vast regiments of the Astra Militarum have been placed under the command of several Inquisitor Lords of the Ordos Malleus. Those regiments are reassigned to assault a series of Chaos held facilities in the hands of the Thousand Sons. The fight was hard fought and many of the guardsmen fell to eldritch magic or corrupted ammunition but the war was won.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Abaddon raged as the world he fought so hard to capture fell step by step back into Imperial hands. Some rumours suggested that the Despoiler fled the planet at this time but for now the truth was unknown.

Death From The Skies - Savrip

Craftworld Altansar vs Astra Militarum.

The battle for Savrip has long been reduced to random skirmishes that do not benefit either of the armies involved. The Catachan commanders have repeatedly requested reinforcements but nothing has come to bolster their forces since the initial landings. Now however the Eldar have received aid from the webway. Reinforcements have come from an unexpected ally, Craftworld Altansar supported by the legendary Baharroth.

While the main Eldar force engaged to fight in the close confines of the thick foliage, Baharroth appeared in the sky with waves of his swooping hawks. They poured fire down onto the heads of the Catachan guardsmen from the skies and hidden treetop fire bases.The force arrayed against them was too large for the guardsmen to handle. Many fell back but more died to the alien weaponry. Savrip was once more in the hands of the Eldar.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Update #105

"The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight. The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear."

Return to Helles Front - Crastus

Ultramarines vs Orks.

After the defeat of the Dark Eldar raiders, the defenders of Crastus could turn their attention to the war of attrition against the ork menace. Aid had come in the form of the Ultramarines who launched a surgical strike into the heart of the ork tide. The battle plan being to target the war lord in order to bring a halt to the horde before they overran the planetary defenders. Unfortunately they had not counted on the sheet ferocity of these orks and immediately upon arrival the space marines were locked in brutal combat.

As the tide of battle began to go against them, the Ultramarines called in for evacuation and thunderhawks were dispatched. Retreating back to the Imperial defence network the space marines counted their dead and were dismayed to find that a third of the company had been lost.

Battle for E'Lan - Acastus Prime

World Eaters vs Tau Empire.

The Tau colony of Acastus Prime came under surprise attack by a maruading force from the World Eaters legion. Tired of waging war against the weakling Imperium, this warband hoped to widen the scale of the war by engaging the alien colony worlds, drawing them into the crusade.

Early raids into the colony proved unsuccessful. All had been eventually hounded out by Tau mobile columns and had suffered painful losses.

On 020715.M41, as Kharn's warband threaded through a gorge that opened out into the E'lan river valley, they saw the colony below shrouded by morning mists. The World Eaters took advantage of a mist to encircle the colony. When the vanguard ran head on into a surprised Tau patrol, the berzerkers immediately opened fire and attacked in front while Kharn led the remainder of his force to attack from the rear. The Tau suffered further casualties at a closed gate that slowed them down. Trapped within their walls, the Tau military and civilians knew they were doomed. It was only a matter of time before the chaos marines breached the walls and slaughtered them. Many fell to panic and took their own the lives, while others grabbed whatever weapons they could find and prepared to defend their homes.

In the end, the Tau defiance was short lived. The bezerkers rampaged through the colony slaying any men, women and children that they encountered. All were heaped in the courtyard as a mighty offering to the blood god.

A Knife in the Dark - Medea

Thousand Sons vs Night Lords.

Ahriman's advance against the Eldar of Medea was going well. His skill with the winds of fate seemed far more powerful than that possessed by the alien far seers, and he was able to cloud their view of the potential futures. As more and more territory fell to his control victory here was well within his grasp.

On the night of 020715.M41 Ahriman's camp came under surprise attack. A force of Night Lords chaos marines under the banner of the Black Legion had infiltrated the site and begun to cause significant damage. Abaddon's foolishness angered the great sorcerer and he swore before his ruinous master that he would see the so called Destroyer kneel before Ahriman took his head.

The battle lasted throughout the night and the enemy melted away into the jungle before dawn's rays crossed the horizon. The Thousand Sons had not lost many of their brethren but the vehicles had been sabotaged. The Night Lords' dead however lay spread throughout the jungle. Ahriman cursed their legion and ordered his troops back into the war against the Eldar.

Savage Fury - Rakdos

Space Wolves vs Craftworld Iyanden.

The Imperial Crusade's efforts to reclaim that which has been lost continues with an assault on the world of Rakdos. The Eldar cannot be allowed to hold onto a world rich in resources that the war effort needs badly. First into the fray are the mighty Space Wolves who bring the thunder to the vile alien. Several drop pod assaults lead to the recapture of important mining facilities and promethium reserves. The Eldar are swiftly slain or driven from the sites fearful of the space marines. With the facilities back in Imperial hands, agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus arrive to reawaken the mining machinery and start the supply routes up once more. Elsewhere the forces of the Astra Militarum make planetfall in preparation for a prolonged war against the alien.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Purge the Unclean - Minora IV

Grey Knights vs Space Wolves.

Following the Space Wolves victory over the Thousand Sons at the Rapture facility elements of the Inquisition felt that the Space Wolves may have become corrupted by the Ruinous Powers. After much deliberation, the Grey Knights were dispatched to destroy the company on Minora. The engagement was short and bloody, and the Grey Knights walked away with their mission intact. The chapter would never know the truth and would assume that the company spent their lives dearly in the defeat of the ancient enemy.

Rampage! - T'Vora

Orks vs Tau Empire.

The orks have spread out and have now reached the T'Vora system. Their ships entered orbit and burst through the orbital defences. The orks crashed their great ships through the atmosphere and onto the surface. Those that survived poured forth from the wrecks in vast numbers. Tau patrols noted that they took their time unloading vehicles, aircraft and gargants. Despite having three days warning the Tau were overwhelmed by the green tide that spilled forth. Both armies fought a long and arduous engagement over the planet's equatorial plains and at the end the Tau routed, fleeing with the ork horde close on their heels.

Unexpected Strike - Pyros II

Craftworld Iyanden vs Tau Empire.

In an unexpected move the forces of Craftworld Iyanden have launched an attack upon the Tau ground forces defending the ash plains of southern Pyros. The Eldar refrained from the usual ranged attacks and instead marched into Tau territory engaging the outer defences swiftly before moving on. As the Tau mobilised to the defence the Eldar adjusted their tactics, sending forth their wraithbone constructs which could more easily absorb the Tau firepower.

Over several days Iyanden fought through the Tau lines. The Eldar were uncharacteristically savage in their fighting. Whatever the craftworld seers had sensed here, they seemed to blame the Tau for it and took out their future wrath on an unprepared and unknowing Tau army.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Imperial Victory! - Metallo IV

Space Wolves vs Craftworld Iyanden.

On 020715.M41, the remaining Eldar forces, eventually made the move to reignite the war and moved from their captured holdings, attempting to cut Imperial supply lines to the north as well as gaining a bridgehead into the Pusan Perimeter. Opposing it was the 4th great company of Space Wolves. Over the next two weeks, both forces fought a bloody series of engagements inflicting heavy casualties on one another in a confusing series of attacks and counterattacks, but neither side was able to gain the upper hand. In the end, the Space Wolves, aided by reinforcements, air support and heavy weapons, destroyed what was left of the Eldar forces. Metallo was once more in Imperial control.