Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Operation Vorpal Strike Begins - Midas Prime

Astra Militarum vs Night Lords.

Operation Vorpal Strike is the name given to the long and drawn out retaking of the sector capital from the forces of Chaos. Warmaster Xerxes has worked long and hard with his advisors to plan this. Thousands of the Imperium's finest have been taken from conflicts on other worlds and even more brought in from outside the Midas sector for this task.

The first steps involved breaching the orbital fleet which went surprisingly easily and then deploying as much ground forces as was possible. The idea being to capture specific landing sites around the globe and drawing the noose in about Abaddon's throat. The largest engagement was at landing site designated Cerebus 12 where the Astra Militarum came under extraordinary attack by elements of the Night Lords legion. Only through persistant and sheer devotion to the Emperor did the men and women of the Cadian 1145th hold long enough for tank formations and super heavies to be deployed. The Night Lords unable and ill-equipped to deal with an armoured company were forced to retreat and hand Cerebus 12 to the Imperium.

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