Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Darkness in Paradise - Medea

Thousand Sons vs Harlequins / Craftworld Alaitoc.

On 110615.M41, shortly after midnight, Ahriman invaded Medea. The Eldar were caught unprepared. Despite recent events, no central orders were issued to the Eldar armed forces and they were not on alert. Many of the personnel were off world on the distant Craftworld. They faced units from the Thousand Sons legion with summoned daemons as allies. The Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc called upon old alliances with the Harlequins to defend their world.

It took about eight hours for the Eldar to mobilise and arrange an accord with the Harlequins. The Thousand Sons had by this time reached the ancient library of Eldar lore in the deep jungles. They were apparently not expecting opposition as they were deployed in marching column and were neither reconnoitering nor securing their flanks. This careless behavior and a consistent failure to use communications would have been a weakness for any other army by Ahriman had read the winds of fate and knew his enemy would not engage so soon.

The Harlequins was the first to engage the enemy, sometime mid-morning, firing at a short range for the land raiders and halting the column. The Thousand Sons response was slow and ineffectual. Chaos marines units continued to arrive at the scene apparently unaware of the situation, allowing the Harlequins to engage infantry still in transports and even to destroy a one land raider. Unfortunately, it appears that much of the column was not significantly delayed and continued advancing on its objective.

By midday elements of the Thousand Sons had reached their objective and engaged the Eldar defenders. Again they were deployed in column and actually marched into the Eldar artillery and they could opened fire. Taking heavy casualties, the Eldar withdrew back to the west. After the chaos marines consolidated their position they were able to force the Eldar, who were running out of ammunition and in danger of being encircled, to withdraw south.

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