Friday, 26 June 2015

Update #104

"Ours is the victory. We have won! They talk of democracy, freedom, fairness. Those are the creeds of cowards! The ones who would listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power! And power through strength! They have lost!"
- Inquisitor Kasseck.

A Battle Worthy of Song - Minora IV

Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons.

The Space Wolves have returned to Minora to assist their besieged brothers against the foul servants of Tzeenthch. Led by a mighty Wolf Lord, the Space Wolves carved a vicious hole into the chaos marine lines which the Thousand Sons seemed unable to recover from. They withdrew into the ruins of the "Rapture" facility and the Space Wolves prepared for a long siege.

Xenos Repelled - Crastus

Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar.

An unexpected Dark Eldar raid on the Imperial held world of Crastus led to the Imperium's viictory over the Eldar forces already besieging them. The raid came not from the Kabal of the Golden Mask, as may be expected, but from an unknown faction seeking to make a place of power for themselves in the dark city. They descended upon the Imperial lines at dawn causing a significant amount of damage and loss of life in the first few hours. The Cadian and Catachan guardsmen present lulled the raiders into a sense of superiority before closing shut upon their forces in a surprise move.

With the Dark Eldar raiders annihilated to the last, it gave the Imperial forces the incentive to rise from their bulwarks and dispatch the Craftworld Eldar who had been giving them such trouble. Now only the Orks remained to be destroyed for Crastus to return to the Emperor's light!

Operation Trident - Illiad

Necrons vs Grey Knights.

The increase in Necrons sightings has concerned all within the Inquisition, even those whose remit does not concern the alien. Inquisitor Lord Butlerian called his brethren together for a special meeting and it was decided that matters had to be taken into their own hands as the Imperial forces were otherwise contained fighting the Chaos and Eldar threats.

Butlerian's own Grey Knight forces led a surprise attack on the Necron holdings at Illiad. The machines had expanded quickly and many outposts had fallen to their attack. When the time came, the Grey Knights had control of the skies immediately, and the marines teleported into place around the Necron advance forces. The attack was ineffective. It was soon apparent that the Necrons had expected such an assault and were prepared for it. They targeted the tanks first, laying waste to the heavy weaponry that the Grey Knights had mustered and then began to pick off specific squads.

Operation Trident failed. Not because the Necrons were better equipped or more numerous. They won because they had out thought the Imperium and if the Imperium did not adjust their strategies, the Necrons would walk across the Midas Sector.

The Road to the Imperial Palace - Midas Prime

Night Lords vs Space Wolves.

Fresh from their victory over the forces of Chaos on Crastus, the Space Wolves have come to the Imperium's aid in the war to retake the capital. While the Astra Militarum fortified their recent gains, the mighty wolf lords marched into the Chaos lines with axe and teeth bared. The largest engagement was against the Night Lords, whom the Space Wolves were evenly matched against.

The Space Wolves spread their units out and assaulted the buildings which the Night Lords were holding. They lacked heavy support but it was not needed. Once the outer lines were cleared then the space marines moved up their vehicles to support the assault. After heavy fighting the Night Lords command bunker was taken and then lost when the chaos marines launched a sizable counter-attack.

On the next day the Space Wolves received air support which assisted in clearing the area around the target but were forced to withdraw following increasing anti-air fire from neighbouring sectors of the city. It was not until the evening of the second day that the marines were able to enter the building. The Night Lords inside were well entrenched and fierce close combat fighting followed. By morning the command bunker was in Imperial hands.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Update #103

"In a hundred or two hundred years, this will become a legend. Most people won't even believe that we existed. I don't think I mind that, not at all, really. It's what we all want, isn't it? To become something larger than ourselves, to enter living memory... Have them talk about us when we've gone..."
- Corporal Mathers, IXXth Cadian.

New Wave of Expansion - Ventara

Tau Empire vs Orks.

The Tau Empire is slowly expanding out across the outer worlds of the sector. At each stop they force compliance to the Empire, establish a garrison and move on. Now, their eyes have come back to Ventara and they will stop at nothing to have it under their rule once more.

A sizable Tau fleet crossed into the Ventara system virtually unopposed by the Ork ships in orbit. Almost immediately they began landing their troops to key locations and engaging the greenskins. What the Orks had in ferocity the Tau opposed with superior technology and expert tactics that forced the enemy to retreat before their might. Quickly they consolidated their position and prepared for a lengthy conflict against the greenskin menace.

Into the Jaws of Death - Callista VI

Orks vs Astra Militarum.

Driven before the Chaos host, the Orks that had once dominated the cemetery world have been forced into the Imperial lines. There the greenskins overran the Astra Militarum lines in a matter of hours. The Imperial forces had been hoping that the daemons present on Callista would do most of the work for them in destroying the Orks and were unprepared for the sudden assault.

The Astra Militarum ground troops were slaughtered and the survivours spread out over several distinct fronts, effectively ending the current attempt to retake the planet.

Operation Vorpal Strike Begins - Midas Prime

Astra Militarum vs Night Lords.

Operation Vorpal Strike is the name given to the long and drawn out retaking of the sector capital from the forces of Chaos. Warmaster Xerxes has worked long and hard with his advisors to plan this. Thousands of the Imperium's finest have been taken from conflicts on other worlds and even more brought in from outside the Midas sector for this task.

The first steps involved breaching the orbital fleet which went surprisingly easily and then deploying as much ground forces as was possible. The idea being to capture specific landing sites around the globe and drawing the noose in about Abaddon's throat. The largest engagement was at landing site designated Cerebus 12 where the Astra Militarum came under extraordinary attack by elements of the Night Lords legion. Only through persistant and sheer devotion to the Emperor did the men and women of the Cadian 1145th hold long enough for tank formations and super heavies to be deployed. The Night Lords unable and ill-equipped to deal with an armoured company were forced to retreat and hand Cerebus 12 to the Imperium.

The Winds of Change - Minora IV

Thousand Sons vs Blood Angels.

The Thousand Sons left behind on Minora 4 have stubbornly refused to die to the planet's defenders. After many weeks of fighting the defenders have requested aid. The Blood Angels chapter agreed to break the siege for them.

The Blood Angels launched an orbital strike first to soften up the outer defences before launching a drop pod assault followed up by heavy weapons and tank support. These were not the mindless automatons of usual Thousand Sons stock but heavily mutated chaos marines supported by summoned deamons.

Despite their ferocity, the loyalist chapter initially failed to defeat the traitor marines in close combat and fire fights. When the Blood Angels brought up their tanks and heavy weapon squads, the traitor marines released a vast horde of daemons down upon them. The Imperial defenders fell back in fear leaving the Blood Angels alone and engaged. They fought for six hours before breaking the line and retreating back with the Imperial defenders.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Update #102

"What is Chaos? Suffering, you might say. Oppression. Deceit. But could not all these things be said of your Imperium? You hunt down the talented and the strong-willed. You break them or sacrifice them. You lie to your citizens and wage war on those who dare speak out. The inquisitors you call masters assume guilt and execute millions on a whim. And why? Why do you do this? Because you know Chaos is there but you do not know how to fight it, so you crush your own citizens for fear that they might aid the Enemy. The Imperium suffers because of Chaos. No matter how hard you fight, that will never change. Chaos exists in a state of permanent victory over you - you dance to our tune, mortal one, you butcher and torture and repress one another because the gods of the warp require you to. The Imperium is founded on Chaos. My lord Tzeentch won your war a long, long time ago."
- Ghargatuloth, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch.

Darkness in Paradise - Medea

Thousand Sons vs Harlequins / Craftworld Alaitoc.

On 110615.M41, shortly after midnight, Ahriman invaded Medea. The Eldar were caught unprepared. Despite recent events, no central orders were issued to the Eldar armed forces and they were not on alert. Many of the personnel were off world on the distant Craftworld. They faced units from the Thousand Sons legion with summoned daemons as allies. The Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc called upon old alliances with the Harlequins to defend their world.

It took about eight hours for the Eldar to mobilise and arrange an accord with the Harlequins. The Thousand Sons had by this time reached the ancient library of Eldar lore in the deep jungles. They were apparently not expecting opposition as they were deployed in marching column and were neither reconnoitering nor securing their flanks. This careless behavior and a consistent failure to use communications would have been a weakness for any other army by Ahriman had read the winds of fate and knew his enemy would not engage so soon.

The Harlequins was the first to engage the enemy, sometime mid-morning, firing at a short range for the land raiders and halting the column. The Thousand Sons response was slow and ineffectual. Chaos marines units continued to arrive at the scene apparently unaware of the situation, allowing the Harlequins to engage infantry still in transports and even to destroy a one land raider. Unfortunately, it appears that much of the column was not significantly delayed and continued advancing on its objective.

By midday elements of the Thousand Sons had reached their objective and engaged the Eldar defenders. Again they were deployed in column and actually marched into the Eldar artillery and they could opened fire. Taking heavy casualties, the Eldar withdrew back to the west. After the chaos marines consolidated their position they were able to force the Eldar, who were running out of ammunition and in danger of being encircled, to withdraw south.

Hunting Horrors - Volcanis

Night Lords vs Tyranids

Elsewhere on Volcanis, among rivers of molten rock and canyons choked with ash, elements of the Night Lords hunted down the remaining Tyranid creatures. Despite the lack of an controlling hive mind the Tyranid creatures had begun to form their own collective. The Night Lords formed into loose squads to patrol those canyons, picking off the lesser organisms as they found them. Many Night Lords were never seen again, only their dying screams echoing through the rocks. Eventually however, the last of the Tyranids were rounded up and encircled, with a multitude of bolter shots reducing them to chunks of bloodied flesh. Now, the forces of Chaos only needed to deal with the Enclave resistance to claim this world fully.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Siege of Midas - Midas Prime

Black Legions vs Farsight Enclave.

In a strange move, the Farsight Enclave have launched an attack on Midas Prime. What few ships were able to breach the orbital defences, were able to deliver their payload of fire warriors and battle suits to the surface. There they engaged the Black Legion in ferocious long range fire fights. Despite their surprise attack the Enclave were vastly outnumbered and with more and more Black Legion marines arriving to the battle hourly, the Tau could not claim any territory. The Enclave ships withdrew from the system and planned a new offensive against this world.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Update #101

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price." - Ahriman, Thousand Sons

Schemes of the First - Callista VI

Chaos Daemons vs Orks.

Imperial agents have reported that the Orks on Callista have come under attack by a new daemonic army led by the daemon prince, Be'lakor the First. Believed by the Inquisition to be the first mortal given daemonic form, Be'lakor is also believed to be the power behind the throne of Abaddon's crusades against the Imperium. With that in mind, the Inquisition is concerned about his appearance here in the Midas sector and why he leads his army of daemons against the orks occupying a former shrine world.

Reports from Callista VI so far indicate that the daemons are slaughtering their way through the ork horde with ease, driving them into the cemetery wastes. Spreading out like concentric circles, the daemons spread out to hunt down and slaughter the orks as they find them. The Inquisition fears that Be'lakor seeks some ancient relic hidden on this world.

The Extent of the Machines Power - Khemet III

Necrons vs Harlequins / Craftworld Saim-Hann.

The growing Necron threat has finally jarred the Craftworld leaders into action. Calling upon the Harlequins and elements of Saim-Hann, they direct them to attack the stronghold of the machines on Khemet III. They knew that the battle would be hard fought for the planet swarmed with the Necron armies but they did not know the extent of their numbers. Upon arriving through the webway, they found the Necrons had begun unearthing their ships long since buried in the dark sands of Khemet, and millions of warriors waiting to board them.

Swooping through the webway portals, the Eldar attacked with a force of jetbikes and gravitic tanks that cut through hundreds of the machines in the first wave. The Necron forces however outnumbered the attacking Eldar and reformed ranks to resist the attackers. The Necrons constantly replaced their fallen were the Eldar and Harlequins were weakened with every loss. When the Harlequins retreated, viewing the engagement as a loss the Saim Hainn forces reluctantly retreated as well.

Craftworld Command were disappointed but the engagement had revealed the extent of the Necron forces upon Khemet III. Perhaps the time had come to ally with others against this threat.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Return of the Enclave - Volcanis

Farsight Enclave vs Night Lords.

The Night Lords on Volcanis have come under surprise attack by a substantial fleet of ships from the Farsight Enclave. Led by Commander Farsight, the renegade faction of the Tau Empire, deployed swiftly and devastated the Night Lord garrison. The Enclave forces than consolidated into the fortifications and began to expand upon them.

By the time the Night Lords arrived to engage the invaders, the Enclave was deeply entrenched and ready for trouble. The Night Lord tanks were targeted first and eliminated before they could bring their powerful weapons to bear. Fire Warriors took shot at the advancing chaos marines, forcing them into a carefully orchestrated kill zone surrounding their new base of operations.

Unable to make head way against the Enclave, the Night Lords retreated and sought help against the alien interlopers.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Corruption! - Minora IV

Grey Knights / Inquisition vs Astra Militarum.

Reacting quickly to the new war zone on Minora, the Grey Knights and the Inquisition arrive to destroy the remains of Ahriman's forces. The Thousand Sons are driven into the machine wastes with many being destroyed. Unfortunately, the Inquisition determines that the corrupting force of Chaos may have affected those Astra Militarum troops who fought alongside them and that they must be destroyed to prevent the spread of Chaos. While they are successful the Grey Knights do suffer heavy casualties during the purge.

Slave Raid - Acastus Prime


Dark Eldar vs Tau Empire.

The piratical alien raiders have launched an attack on the already weakened Tau colony at Acastus Prime. Swooping in under cover of darkness, the outer colonies fell within hours with many of their population being stolen away to be slaves or worse.

By the time that the colonies defenders began to organise it was too late to stop them. The Dark Eldar were prepared for this and quickly moved to take down any heavy weapons as they mobilised. Teams of beastmasters with khymera packs moved through the streets bringing down civilians and fire warriors alike. Once they had gathered their quota of slaves the raiders retreated back out into the wastes.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The Capture of "Rapture" Facility One - Minora IV

Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves

High up in the mountains of Minora IV the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves continue a series of engagements that have lasted the better part of four days, with neither side able defeat the other. Ahriman leads his soldiers against the space marines at a supposedly secret facility.

The Thousand Sons fought a mighty battle to gain entrance to the facility and once they had breached the gates, Ahriman led his forces into the depths of the structure. Whatever he sought was soon found and activated. The resulting psychic burst slew any physically sensitive individuals within a thousand miles of the facility. Two hours later, Ahriman returned, his armour smoking and flickering with arcane energy. He left his warriors behind to fight the Imperial forces and vanished back to his flag ship in orbit.

Ahriman's Crusade Begins - Minora IV

Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves.

The Minora system once again finds itself under attack from the forces of Chaos. Ahriman leads his army of Thousand Sons in battle against the Space Wolf garrison protecting this world. Unlike previous attacks where the forces of Chaos have sought to capture territory or fighting for conquest, Ahriman seemed set upon a goal... a specific Mechanicus facility high in the Astrid Perjorus mountains.

The Space Wolves initially charged into battle but were quickly cut down by arcane weaponry and sorcerous fire. The next engagement occurred as the Thousands Sons sought to enter the mountains. The Space Wolves launched an ambush that failed to halt the enemy advance. Reluctuantly, the space marines pulled back to defend their base of operations.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Update #100

"Senseless killing is immoral. But killing for a purpose, can quite often be ingenious." - Ahriman

Unstoppable Forces - Volcanis

Daemons vs Tyranids.

The Tyranids of Hive Fleet Amorak have appeared within the Volcanis system once more. This time they find not space marines arrayed against them but a vast army of daemons. Hungry for whatever they can recover from these creatures, the Tyranids attack with a huge army.

Among the lava fields and ash flats the two unstoppable armies slam into one another with heightened ferocity. Weakened from their long journey through space, the Tyranids were at a severe disadvantage and were initially beaten back by the daemonic masters of Volcanis. The Tyranids were unable to gain any ground and were fought back. The daemons then began to manifest upon the bioships high in orbit, where they slaughtered through the guardians to strike at the queen organisms.