Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Shadows Lengthen - Pelias IX

Dark Eldar vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The situation in the Pelias system has been one of deep entrenchment since the arrival of the Kabal of the Golden Mask a few months ago. The Eldar have been able to hold the Ork's at bay for now but suffer constant and repeated raids by the Dark Eldar which are harming their ability to resist both sides. The piratical Eldar swoop in on daring slave raids, snatching as many as they can and retreating. The captives either slaughtered within sight of their fellows or carried off to a much worse fate in the Dark City.

The Craftworlders see Pelias as one of their worlds, fresh from the capture and are fighting hard to retain control but their numbers are reducing daily while the Ork seem to be growing in numbers on an unprecedented scale. With the constant raids the forces of Alaitoc have nowhere to run and are living on borrowed time.

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