Monday, 25 May 2015

The Line Has Been Crossed - Crastus

World Eaters vs Astra Militarum

With the recent loss of the sector capital Warmaster Xerxes has decided that for too long the Imperium has fought random engagements and holding actions. Abaddon controls Midas Prime now and reinforcements are needed to retake it. In the meantime he orders his officers to target Crastus and focus on one world until it is in Imperial hands before moving on.

A large force of Astra Militarum troops was quickly organised and dispatched to Crastus. The invasion went well as the Imperial forces sought revenge for the loss of Midas Prime. The traitor World Eaters were their first target. Supported by titans and knights the ground troops successfully drove the ferocious chaos marines and their allies back, while more and more landing craft made the surface. The war to retake Crastus was going well but the Imperial forces are surrounded by many enemies. The war to claim this world would be a hard fought crusade.

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