Friday, 29 May 2015

The Fall of a Hive - Hermes IV

Thousand Sons vs Astra Militarum.

Hive City Antioch has been besieged by the forces of Chaos since almost the start of the year. Daemons pound upon the gates and heldrakes strafe the upper tiers of the city but so far the enemy has not breached the walls. Until now.

The attacking forces have been joined by a legion of Thousand Sons led by the infamous Ahriman himself. With mighty sorcery he cast the gates of Antioch aside and led the army of the damned inside. The city defenders have been ready for this moment for many months but none had expected the lord of the Thousand Sons to be commanding the battle.

Opening fire decimated the daemons who rushed in through the rents in the walls, and only once the great guns fell silent did the chaos marines of Tzeenth take to the battle field. In small groups they were harder to pin down by the Astra Militarum and the mighty super heavy tanks were of no real use. Ahriman conjoured forth more and more daemons to whittle down the enemy, and surprisingly was joined by a mighty Brass Scorpion of Khorne, which tore through entire regiments and drank their blood in offering to the lord of war.

At one point, portals to the webway opened and a detachment of piratical Dark Eldar joined the fight against the dark forces of Chaos but they could not resist the sorcery of Ahriman. As if expecting their involvement, Ahriman forces open one of these portals and alone, entered the webway. Eventually the hive fell to the enemy, and the population left to the insane desires of the daemons. Ahriman had found what he sought in the depths of the webway and left with his surviving forces as suddenly as he had appeared.

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