Sunday, 24 May 2015

Steel Rain Fails - Urbis III

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar.

The Imperial attempt to recapture the Urbis system has failed. The Dark Eldar presence has proved too strong even for the might of the space marines. More and more of the unholy aliens have poured forth from the webways to consolidate their hold on this world against the Imperial and Chaos aggressors. A world of several billion souls is too great a prize for the Kabal of the Golden Mask not to fight this hard for it.

Weeks of facing sporadic hit and run attacks weakened the Ultramarines and caused significant damage to the Imperial supply lines. Faced with an enemy that would not fight openly against them the space marines pulled back to the original landing site in hopes of drawing them out but the plan did not work. Unable to declare an exterminatus the Ultramarines have abandoned their planetside base and returned to their strike cruiser to re-evaluate the situation.

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