Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cometh the Fury - Urbis III

Black Legion vs Dark Eldar / Astra Militarum

Once again on Urbis III the Dark Eldar and the remnants of the Planetary Defence Forces have joined together to resist the incursion of Chaos. The legions loyal to Abaddon are determined to recapture this world for the Despoiler.

From the Warp they came, wave after wave of Black Legion chaos marines followed by full tank detachments and squads of heavily armoured terminators. The defenders fought an incredible battle but were losing ground to an army with vastly superior numbers. The Black Legion seemed to know exactly where to target their units and heavy weapons to cause the most damage and elicit a panicked withdrawal. As before, once the battle turned against them, the Dark Eldar of the Golden Mask abandoned their "allies" and retreated, leaving the humans to a brutal and horrific death.

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