Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Assault on the Gargant Yards - Crastus

World Eaters vs Orks.

The war on Crastus has been raging for months with no side being able to gain any ground against the other. This had given the Orks the opportunity they needed to begin building a new Gargant construction yard. By the time that this site was detected by the Eldar and forces of Chaos several new gargants had walked off the assembly line. The World Eaters were charged with destroying the facility and claiming it for the dark powers. Assisted by titans from the Death Stalkers legion they crossed the burning cities and lay siege to the objective.

Numerous klans had been brought together to construct the yards so the World Eaters found themselves with a glorious battle ahead of them. The chaos forces attempted to outflank the Orks but found it hard going due to the outpouring of firepower from the fully operational gargants. Even the chaos titans found it a hard fought battle and none returned from the battle. Ultimately despite their unholy aggression the World Eaters were unable to carve through the sheer numbers of orks which overran the chaos marines.

Now tested in battle, the gargants went on to lead the waaagh against the Eldar and Chaos forces on Crastus, claiming much territory and resources for the ork horde.

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