Sunday, 10 May 2015

Ambushed - Rakdos

Blood Angels vs Harlequins / Dark Eldar.

While on route to Outpost 53, the 3rd Blood Angels company found themselves ambushed in the canyons by a Shadow Conclave raiding party. The Enclave used their common tactic of encircling the target and preventing any survivours from escaping. The Blood Angels hunkered down among the wreckage of their vehicles and prepared for the long fight. Although perfectly equipped for close range firefights the Enclave forces stayed just out of reach and rained heavy lance fire down upon their positions. When the harlequins finally entered the fray the space marines had been reduced to half their original number.

When help finally arrived in the form of stormtalons from Outpost 52, the damage had been done. The Conclave forces vanished back into the desert but their strike had been successful. Without the space marines to lend assistance Outpost 53 and several others fell to Conclave attack within several hours.

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