Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Walls of Thule

Ultramarines vs Tyranids

The Tyranids have returned to the Ultima Thule system! Defence Fleet Thule moved to engage them on the edge of the system. When the fleet failed to halt the bioship advance they fell back Thule and formed a defensive blockade around the planet. Orders where that nothing gets through no matter the cost. For two days the mighty fleets fought in the skies above the fortress world. Eventually the Tyranids proved superior and a hole was punched through the Imperial Navy line. Spore pods plummeted through the atmosphere and upon impact released a frightening horde of monsters.

 Thankfully for the people of Thule several space marine chapters had pulled back to the world in recent weeks to rearm and resupply before returning to the front. Each chapter moved to defend a different section of the capital and the Ultramarines under Librarian Tigurius volunteered to face the head on assault at the outer defences.

The wave of Tyranid monsters that reached the walls was beyond counting. Wall mounted weapons barely made a dent in their approach. Gaunts swarmed the walls using their dead and one another as a means to clamber the walls. The Ultramarines fired down from the battlements but for every one slain another three took it's place. They fought bravely, holding the walls for several hours before mighty bio-titans became visible on the horizon. Without titan or knight support in the area they could not hold against such power. Tigurius ordered the Ultramarines to retreat further into the city where the bio-titans would have a harder time maneuvering.

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