Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Guard the Relic - Thule

Tyranids vs Ultramarines.

The Ultramarines plan to fight the Tyranids in the streets of Thule's main hive city was reasonably successful. The larger bio-organisms could not penetrate deeply into the outer districts and were eventually destroyed by Knights of House Wyvern and the titans of Legio Gladius. This left the Ultramarines able to slow down the advance of the smaller organisms.

As the various space marine chapters fell back against the wave of genestealers and gaunts, a call came in from the Shrine of Saint Quintus, which housed a potent Imperial relic from the glory days of the great crusade. Such a treasure of the Imperium could not be left to destruction as the Tyranids assailed it's walls. Two companies redeployed, fighting through the streets until they reached the shrine. As the space marines opened fire they came under attack by the infamous Swarmlord and several monstrous creatures which had burrowed up from beneath the surface.

While the main Ultramarines force fought to hold the xenos forces at bay, a small group managed to enter the shrine and secure the relic. They took it down into the old undercity and sought a way through to the main command center of Thule. Above, the Ultramarines brought down many of the hive tyrants including the Swarmlord but were then decimated as ammunition ran low.

Elsewhere, in the dark, others looked to the war on Thule and cast a covetous gaze across the planet.

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