Monday, 16 March 2015

The Plague Returns - Acastus Prime

Chaos Daemons vs Tau Empire

On 150215.M41 the warp storm that buffeted the Acastus system only months earlier returned but this time the storm did not fade after mere hours or days but seems to have become a permanent fixture. Many among the Tau colonists began to suffer the effects of debilitating illness within hours of the storm's appearance. A mere few hours after the first deaths were reported the outer guards detected the presence of a new daemon army on the surface of the world.

Wave after wave of diseased daemons attacked the Tau colonies with a renewed ferocity. Hundreds were slaughtered or brought low by disease within hours of the first attacks. Each dead soon arose, mutating into a lesser daemon of Nurgle, and joined their fellows in the attack. The Tau military was swiftly outnumbered and forced to pull back from the outer colonies. Communications could not breach the warp storm so the forces on Acastus Prime were forced to handle this incursion alone.

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