Friday, 20 March 2015

The Fall of Infernus - Infernus

Blood Angels vs Necrons

The Imperial offensive reattempt to take control of Infernus using two companies of Blood Angels was quickly rushed into effect. The target was the perceieved Necron command and control point. The site, however, was fortified with extensive defenses and garrisoned by a full regiment of Necron warriors. Along with artillery and support units the Neron garrison totalled around 70,000 troops.

Rather than attacking the enemy directly, the Blood Angels deployed into the difficult terrain to the north and south of the target site. Spearheaded by four scout squads to the south and one to the north, the operation commenced as soon as the space marines had landed. Despite heavy losses, they successfully cut the land links isolating the Necrons command force from their main army.

The encircled Necrons proved difficult to drop. Reanimation protocols so close to a command bunker ensured that any warrior or machine destroyed simply arose again mere moments later. Meanwhile casualties among the Blood Angels were increasing  by the hour and their assault was soon blunted. With reinforcements on the horizon the Blood Angels commander made an executive decision and withdrew from the battle and back into orbit.

During the time that the Blood Angels encgaged the machines, the main body of the Necron force had finally succeeded in eradicating the remaining Chaos forces on Infernus. When the last fell, the planet's flesh-like surface seemed to go inert and lifeless.

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