Friday, 20 March 2015

Swamp Raid - Savrip

Harlequins / Dark Eldar vs Grey Knights

The Shadow Conclave launched a surprise attack on the Inquisitorial facility on Savrip. Meeting the Grey Knights on the Kokoda Moor, the vastly outnumbered Shadow Conclave forces were forced into fighting a two-month defensive battle, pushed back over very difficult terrain by the superior Imperial forces. However, by this time 80% of the Grey Knights had been wounded, killed or disabled.

The weakened but determined Grey Knights paused on a hill just east of Imita Flats. They had lost so many battle brothers that pursuing the Shadow Conclave would have been suicide. Instead, they pulled back towards the Inquisitorial facility.

The Shadow Conclave forces counterattacked the retreating marines, fighting a series of tough battles against rearguard defences on the narrow swamp paths. The Grey Knights established a defensive line at Eora Creek, but after several days of fighting, they left their position to be defended by wounded marines while the remainder escaped to the facility. The Conclave continued to attack the withdrawing marines and not a single one made it back. Within hours afterwards the inquisitorial facility fell to them.

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