Saturday, 7 March 2015

Chaos Continues to Hold - Urbis III

Night Lords vs Grey Knights

The Imperial counter-attack to reclaim ground on Urbis has quickly petered out, leaving the forces of Chaos largely in control of the planet. Zarathur, convinced that it was now impossible for the Imperium to remove them gathered allies from other legions and prepared contingencies just in case the Imperium did try again however. Among them was a large contingent of Night Lords.

When the Imperium did return with aid from the legendary Grey Knights the forces of Chaos were more than ready. Orbital defences brought down several Astra Militarum transports before the remainder made planetfall. These were not the concern of the Night Lords, who had been placed in the perfect ambush point to strike at the Grey Knights. As soon as the daemon hunters stepped foot from their transports, the Night Lords attacked with a savage artillery strike from their concealed tanks followed up by an aerial assault which tied up the Grey Knight stormravens.

The ground assault began with a dual pincer movement. The Grey Knights faced massive resistance as they tried to break out of the killing ground they found themselves in. After 72 hours of nonstop combat in the heavy rain and kicked up dust, the Night Lords closed in for the kill.

Elsewhere, the traitor forces under Zarathur's command successfully eradicated the last of the Tyranid organisms present on Urbis. Providing they could keep the Imperium out, this world was now a trophy for the gods of Chaos!

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