Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Update #92

"What are a few million lives compared to the glory of becoming a living god?" 
- Golden Mask, Archon

The Doom that came to Pelias - Pelias IX

Dark Eldar beat Craftworld Alaitoc.

Almost a year ago the Eldar fighting on Pelias sent a psychic distress call for help and only now has help come but it was not what the Eldar expected. A wave of Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Golden Mask descended upon Pelias IX but not against the orks. These marauders targeted the Eldar of Alaitoc. A new line of battle has begun with the Craftworlders caught in the middle.

The farseers now foresee a new outcome to this war. They see a darkness spreading across the stars swallowing up everything in it's way and at the heart of it a laughing form wearing a mask of burnished gold.

Blackest Revenge - Urbis III

Dark Eldar vs Thousand Sons

The Dark Eldar assaulted the Thousand Sons in a wave of raiders, hellions and fighter craft the likes of which have not been seen before. The sky turned black beneath their sleek armoured hulls. Lance weaponry destroyed any tanks or helbrutes in the first pass. They came back around and the transports released a veritable army of wytches and kabalites into the streets.

The Thousand Sons marines were quickly confined to a dozen blocks of the sector 69676 as the raiders set up a perimeter allowing nothing to escape. The wytches and warriors moved systematically through the streets and ruins destroying any chaos marines they encountered. This was not a war that the Thousand Sons could win and after three days they were defeated. Only a handful of Chaos forces remained on Urbis to oppose them. Zarathur, however, was not among the dead.

Into Darkness - Urbis III

Dark Eldar vs Chaos Daemons

In combat the Dark Eldar raiders fighting, uncharacteristically, for control of Urbis III the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons raise a mighty horde of warp spawned horrors and set them lose through the deserted streets. A few alien stragglers are slain and devoured but they were little more than sacrifices to keep the daemons occupied while the Dark Eldar maneuver into position.

From above on high walkways or swooping past on fast raiders and skyboards, the Dark Eldar pour fire into the horde with powerful effect. Across the sector, lightning fast raids cut down packs of warp-spawned horrors and monstrous beasts. The Dark Eldar of the Golden Mask do this not for slaves or fear, but to show that they still resist the call of the Dark Prince. Across Urbis the same scene plays out and the summoned daemons are blasted back into the void. The Dark Eldar turn their attention to the foul sorcerers who summoned them. Urbis and it's mortal population will be theirs and no one elses!

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Scourge - Hermes IV

Chaos Daemons vs Blood Angels

The forces of Chaos continue to wage war across the surface of Hermes IV. The ferocity of their assault pushes the Imperial defenders back until after weeks of heavy fighting Chaos controls over half the planet. When help came in the form of a Blood Angels battle company, the defenders felt confidant that the tide of war would turn.

The Blood Angels directed their attacks towards the heart of the daemon army. The plan being to slay the greater daemons without whose guidance, the remaining daemons would become easy prey. The battle was not as easy as planned for the greater daemons of Tzeentch had foreseen this possibility and planned for it. The daemons used vile sorcery to contain the Blood Angels, who despite slaughtering their way through hundreds of horrors, were forced back into a defensive ring. The daemons poured fire and dark magic into their ranks, burning the space marines to ash.

The assault failed but it may have given the defenders of Hermes IV a chance to bolster and ready defences for when the Chaos forces reach them.

Uneasy Allies - Urbis III

Night Lords vs Dark Eldar / Astra Militarum.

To help combat the major Dark Eldar incursion on Urbis, an uneasy alliance appears between the Thousand Sons and the Night Lords. The Night Lords launch several sneak attacks that force the alien aggressors to fall back towards the heart of the hive cities.

In sector 58223 the Dark Eldar forge their own alliance with a detachment of Astra Militarum who had been fighting them only days before. Together they lure the Night Lords into the open and launch their own terror attack. The Eldar used the Imperial tank crews to launch heavy bombardment upon the chaos marines before closing in for the kill. Many Night Lords are killed or captured during these raids but the defenders cannot seem to gain much ground on them nor inflict enough casualties.

As the battle for sector 58223 passes into night, the Night Lords suddenly come into their own. They surround and launch a number of small strikes designed to take down tanks and command personnel. Eventually the Dark Eldar order a retreat, leaving the bloodied Imperial defence forces to be massacred by the chaos marines.

Failed Incursion - Khemet III

Necrons vs World Eaters

This invasion of the Necron home world was not a planned offensive. The tides of the Warp carried a World Eaters strike cruiser adrift and finally dropped it out near the Khemet system. After months in the Warp the berzerkers on board needed to vent their rage. A chance to claim skulls, even Necron ones, for the Blood God as too tempting to resist.

The World Eaters dropped straight into the heart of the Necron capital to cause as much damage as possible. While the berzerkers engaged the main Necron forces, other marines landed on high ground outside the city to deploy heavy weapons and artillery. During the battle the World Eaters did succeed in capturing a number of important objectives before the battle lines solidified.

Necron aircraft strafed the heavy weapon positions but were themselves destroyed. Through the use of Heldrakes and Hell Blades the chaos marines were able to secure a strong control of the skies for most of the battle. Eventually, the Necrons pulled their fighter craft back to defend their ground forces in the capital.

The turn in the battle came when the Necron reinforcements arrived from the wastelands. Waves of tomb blades and a monolith decimated the artillery forces before moving in to flank the main World Eater army. Without heavy support the World Eaters line began to crumble. Holes appeared in their lines which the machines exploited to their advantage.

In orbit, the wreckage of the strike cruiser became just more wreckage in eternal dance through the heavens.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Update #91

"There is no force in this galaxy that can stop what we have done here together. Nothing will be able to stop us." - Abaddon the Despoiler

The Black Crusade Begins - Midas Prime

Astra Militarum vs Black Legion

With their "home world" lost to the implacable Necron advance, Abaddon leads his ragtag fleet through the Warp to the Midas system. If Infernus was lost to him, he would ensure that the Imperium lost it's seat of power too.

The Black Legion fleet burst through the orbiting defences and deployed large numbers of ground troops via dreadclaws and other landing craft. 127,000 guardsmen were rushed to the landing sites to engage the traitor marines. The Black Legion used the advantage of better positions to encircle and isolate the incoming Imperial troops.

The Imperial commander was almost killed when a Heldrake vector assaulted his command vehicle. Badly wounded and almost dead, he was pulled out of the wreckage and dragged out of the battle zone. The remaining guardsmen however, proved sufficient to contain the chaos marines for the time being but they have proved unable for now to destroy them.

Swamp Raid - Savrip

Harlequins / Dark Eldar vs Grey Knights

The Shadow Conclave launched a surprise attack on the Inquisitorial facility on Savrip. Meeting the Grey Knights on the Kokoda Moor, the vastly outnumbered Shadow Conclave forces were forced into fighting a two-month defensive battle, pushed back over very difficult terrain by the superior Imperial forces. However, by this time 80% of the Grey Knights had been wounded, killed or disabled.

The weakened but determined Grey Knights paused on a hill just east of Imita Flats. They had lost so many battle brothers that pursuing the Shadow Conclave would have been suicide. Instead, they pulled back towards the Inquisitorial facility.

The Shadow Conclave forces counterattacked the retreating marines, fighting a series of tough battles against rearguard defences on the narrow swamp paths. The Grey Knights established a defensive line at Eora Creek, but after several days of fighting, they left their position to be defended by wounded marines while the remainder escaped to the facility. The Conclave continued to attack the withdrawing marines and not a single one made it back. Within hours afterwards the inquisitorial facility fell to them.

The Fall of Infernus - Infernus

Blood Angels vs Necrons

The Imperial offensive reattempt to take control of Infernus using two companies of Blood Angels was quickly rushed into effect. The target was the perceieved Necron command and control point. The site, however, was fortified with extensive defenses and garrisoned by a full regiment of Necron warriors. Along with artillery and support units the Neron garrison totalled around 70,000 troops.

Rather than attacking the enemy directly, the Blood Angels deployed into the difficult terrain to the north and south of the target site. Spearheaded by four scout squads to the south and one to the north, the operation commenced as soon as the space marines had landed. Despite heavy losses, they successfully cut the land links isolating the Necrons command force from their main army.

The encircled Necrons proved difficult to drop. Reanimation protocols so close to a command bunker ensured that any warrior or machine destroyed simply arose again mere moments later. Meanwhile casualties among the Blood Angels were increasing  by the hour and their assault was soon blunted. With reinforcements on the horizon the Blood Angels commander made an executive decision and withdrew from the battle and back into orbit.

During the time that the Blood Angels encgaged the machines, the main body of the Necron force had finally succeeded in eradicating the remaining Chaos forces on Infernus. When the last fell, the planet's flesh-like surface seemed to go inert and lifeless.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Calculated Strike - T'Vora

Tau Empire vs Ultramarines

The leaders of the Tau forces of T'Vora knew that they had the power to the destroy the raiding Dark Eldar but not the might of the Space Marines in the aftermath. They made a decision to turn upon their allies and in doing so proved the Imperium right in their dealings with aliens.

It began with a surprise attack by the Kroot in the heart of their own camp. Thus distracted by the weaker aliens, the Ultramarines were not prepared for the main strike by the Tau. The attack did not last long before the Space Marines retreated from the scene of battle. They attempted twice to drive out the Tau but were rebuffed on both occasions. They prepared to try for a fourth attempt when astropathic messages arrived calling the chapter to other duties.

Urban War - Urbis III

Dark Eldar vs Thousand Sons

All that Zarathur had built over the last few months war against the Imperium on Urbis was falling apart. No matter the engineered schemes or manipulations of fate, the Kabal of the Golden Mask unmade everything the Thousand Son's sorcerer had wrought of late.

One by one the great hives of Urbis III fell to the raiding xenos. The Thousand Sons automaton's were of now use to the the Dark Eldar but the millions of Imperial citizens, now enslaved to the traitor legions, were taken by the raiders back to the Dark City. The glory of so many damned souls would raise up the name of the Kabal and draw many new sects to their banner.

Ahriman's Firestorm - Hermes IV

Thousand Sons vs Ultramarines

After three days of trying to hold back the daemon horde, a small flotilla of ships emerged from the warp storm surrounding the system. The planetary defenders hoped for rescue but were to be disappointed. The fleet belonged to the Thousand Sons and the lead ship was commanded by Ahriman himself! They made planetfall and tore into the Imperial defenders.

For several more days the Thousand Sons waged war against the Astra Militarum. Then the skies became a flame as scores of drop pods burst through the atmosphere. A company of Ultramarines had braved the warp and brought blessed bolter fire to the defence of Hermes IV. The Ultramarines fought a holding action against Ahriman's troops. They did not fight to win but to allow the PDF time to escape the war zone and fall back to the few remaining safe zones. The forces of Chaos soon overwhelmed the Ultramarines, who then fell back as well to plan for the new offensive.

Visions of Agony - Urbis III

Dark Eldar vs Thousand Sons / Orks.

The Thousand Sons with their ork allies launched a counter-attack against the growing number of Dark Eldar raiders. Initially, they made some progress but Zarathur was concerned about being surrounded and cut off from his main army and did not pursue them too far from the battle zone. The counter-attack was inconclusive but while they fought, the Dark Eldar raided the northern prometheum stores and destroyed them, leaving the Chaos forces with limited fuel reserves.

Power from Pain - Urbis III

Dark Eldar vs Thousand Sons / Orks.

The Dark Eldar under the command of the mysterious "Golden Mask" have began to launch raids against the Urbis system. The Thousand Sons reinforced with ork mercenaries were forced into a siege mentality, locking down the cities and their bastions in preparation for the oncoming storm. The Dark Eldar struck hard and fast. The lumbering Thousand Sons were too cumbersome and slow to enact a suitable counter-attack.

Over the first few days of the raid, the Dark Eldar targeted two of the larger hive cities, swooping in to seize human civilians and isolated ork boyz as slaves. The Thousand Sons soon found themselves pushed back into the heart of the cities by a seemingly unending wave of black armoured warriors and wytch cults. After a series of bloody skirmishes the Dark Eldar had successfully captured two major cities and cast their eyes elsewhere.

The Plague Returns - Acastus Prime

Chaos Daemons vs Tau Empire

On 150215.M41 the warp storm that buffeted the Acastus system only months earlier returned but this time the storm did not fade after mere hours or days but seems to have become a permanent fixture. Many among the Tau colonists began to suffer the effects of debilitating illness within hours of the storm's appearance. A mere few hours after the first deaths were reported the outer guards detected the presence of a new daemon army on the surface of the world.

Wave after wave of diseased daemons attacked the Tau colonies with a renewed ferocity. Hundreds were slaughtered or brought low by disease within hours of the first attacks. Each dead soon arose, mutating into a lesser daemon of Nurgle, and joined their fellows in the attack. The Tau military was swiftly outnumbered and forced to pull back from the outer colonies. Communications could not breach the warp storm so the forces on Acastus Prime were forced to handle this incursion alone.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Update #90

"If we do nothing the Necron forces could sit behind that perimeter for the next five years rearming themselves. And when they're ready to come out... Emperor help us all." 
- Captain Rhadoum, Blood Angels chapter.

The Death of Integrity - Thule

Blood Angels vs Tyranids

A space hulk identified as the Death of Integrity was detected on the edge of the Ultima system. Auspex scans revealed the presence of genestealers and worse onboard. A small number of Blood Angels were dispatched to board and destroy the space hulk. This task they performed with honour and the space hulk was destroyed but not before a number of genestealers and lictors somehow made it to the surface.

The space marines deployed to the reported landing sites and engaged the alien menace. For three days they fought in the outer reaches of Thule Primas, the capital city of the planet. The aliens were swiftly purged but the company lost many good battle brothers to the talons of the aliens. System patrol ships were ordered to maintain a higher than ever level of perimeter alert in case the tyranid menace was planning on using more space hulks to deploy vanguard organisms to the Midas sector.

Firestorm on Golgoroth - Hermes IV

Chaos Daemons vs Astra Militarum.

On this date a mighty warp storm blew up around the Hermes system and a host of hideous daemons walked the land. The local planetary defence forces, already on high alert, moved quickly to intercept the largest horde. On the plains of Golgoroth they faced down a monstrous horde led by a Lord of Change.

The fields of Golgoroth ran red with blood and flame as the two fought a savage engagement over a matter of hours. The very land shifted and warped underfoot. The PDF unfortunately could not hold under the savagery of the assault and were pushed back towards the hive cities bordering Golgoroth.

Still the warp storm held and more abominations of Chaos manifested upon the worlds of the system.

Necron Forces Overrun Imperial Lines - Infernus

Necrons vs Blood Angels.

By this time the advancing Necron army had become aware of the invading Imperial forces and drew together their plans to eradicate them as well as the forces of Chaos on Infernus. A large detachment was directed to conduct a number of offensive operations against the Imperial lines.

During the attack, the Blood Angels moved to protect the Astra Militarum forces landing nearby. They were given the task of defeating the Necrons, or at the very least, hold them back until the remaining Imperial forces could make planet fall. This resulted in a spearhead strike into the vanguard of the machine army. This head on attack lacked much of the heavy support the chapter had provided, as it was required to defend the Astra Militarum staging ground.

The Necron army proved too large and ultimately too mobile for the Blood Angels to adequately halt. The chapter was forced into a series of running battles back to their own lines. The Imperial deployment was halted as the advance continued. The Imperial lines were then swiftly overrun leaving the Blood Angels no choice but to return to the orbiting ships to recover and re-arm.

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Seige of Infernus Begins - Infernus

Blood Angels / Grey Knights vs World Eaters

Inquisitor Lord Butlerian has, off of his own back, organised a strike at the heart of Chaos in the Midas sector. The Necron invasion was unknown at this time otherwise his plans may have been different.

The joint Grey Knight and Blood Angel attack force first task was to break through the Chaos lines. The fortresses of of Bludkrop and Bludhaven guarded the narrow corridor of land which linked the Imperial landing site to the rest of Infernus. Butlerian's forces, supported by the arrival of Kaldor Draigo,  broke through at Bludkrop at the cost of 2,641 casualties in six days of fighting. The World Eaters launched a counteroffensive against the Blood Angel's flank at Bludhaven. Draigo withdrew his Grey Knights in order to deal with it. The resulting battle ended with the destruction of two attacking World Eater armies. By the time that this threat had been dealt with, the Chaos marines had rushed in reinforcements and established another defence line.

The forces of Chaos enjoyed local air superiority and armored reserves. They also outnumbered the attacking Imperial forces. In spite of this, the defending World Eaters were pushed back. The combined Imperial forces suffered 57 casualties in 12 days of combat, and the World Eaters many more.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Vengeance Thwarted - Pyros II

Inquisition / Space Wolves vs Tau Empire

Seeking vengeance for the abduction of one of their own, Ethereal Aun'Mich has assembled a Hunter Cadre tasked with the objective of assassinating Inquistor Amelia Raukoff. Intelligence placed the Inquisitors whereabouts on Pyros II, where the Farsight Enclaves were pushing the Imperial forces hard.

Evading the ships of the Enclaves, the Cadre deployed quickly to the surface and struck deep into the desert, where the Inquisitor was leading an operation in one of the abandoned industrial zones. She detected the approach of her attackers from about five kilometers away, thanks to the scryings of her Sevo-Skull sentries. With only half a dozen of her war band to hand and her shuttle to far away to reach in time, Raukoff retreated deeper into the complex until she found a defensible position in the form of a series of dilapidated Imperial defences and prepared to sell her life dearly as the Devilfish transports and Hammerhead tanks of her pursuers came into view.

Then out of nowhere the lead transport was struck from behind, sending it spiraling out control as flames erupted along its length. All around her grey armoured figures loped from the ruins, falling upon the Xenos, bolters blazing. Surprised, the Tau attempted to pull back as warriors of the 13th Company swarmed forward, attempting to put enough distance between themselves and the snarling enemy to bring their guns to bear. A Pirhana squadron swooped in to intercept the leading packs of warriors, but were plucked from the air by heavy bolter and plasma cannon fire as Raukoff directed her Servitor retainers to support her unexpected allies.

Unable to escape, the transports were swiftly overrun by Wulfen, the Fire Warrior teams within torn limb from limb. Massive Thunderwolves fell upon the Hammerheads, ripping away turrets and plunging the grav-vehicles into the sand. Astonished. Raukoff managed to make vox-contact with the leader of her saviour, a hulking half bestial warrior wielding a massive chainblade who named himself Thorin Farstrider. The Inquisitor urged the 13th Company to slay the Ethereal to send the Xenos into rout, but Aun'Mich had managed to slip through their grasp. As the 13th Company paused to slake their blood lust, the surviving Tau fell back to the protection of the deep desert, fleeing beyond retribution.

In the aftermath of the raid Inquistior Raukoff parleyed with Thorin Farstrider, forming an alliance with the ancient warriors of Fenris. She has also called in reinforcements from the 'Furious Wrath' , which was waiting in orbit, bringing down more of her war band along with the Deathwatch Kill-Team assigned to her command. With these forces at her side she has launched a pursuit, determined to seek out and destroy her would-be assassins.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Update #89

"By bolter shell, flamer burst and melta blast, the mutant, the heretic and the traitor alike are cleansed of their sin of existence. So has it been for ten millennia, so shall it be unto the end of time." - Brother Crocell, Dark Angels chapter.

Come the Harbinger! - Arathis Secundus

Dark Angels vs Death Guard

When an unknown flotilla of vessels was detected at the edge of the Arathis system the Imperial Navy dispatched a fleet to investigate. They encountered a fleet of a dozen war ships led by the flagship of Typhus, the Terminus Est. The battle was short and brutal with seven Navy vessels destroyed in the opening salvo. The remaining were overrun with vile, diseased creatures which vomited forth from strangely organic boarding pods. None escaped to report back and the plague fleet of Typhus silently drifted into the system.

The fleet entered orbit above Arathis Secundus and that world became the first to suffer the spread of a virulent but unknown contagion which began to spread through the small population within hours. Other worlds in the system soon began to suffer the same as though the disease could spread through the vacuum of space. On Arathis Secundus those who fell to the plague soon arose from death as plague zombies hungry for the flesh of the living. Those who suffered bites or scratches soon died and arose to continue the zombie apocalypse. Only then did Typhus of the Death Guard deploy to the surface of this dying world.

There was one small saving grace for now, a company of Dark Angels marines had been stationed here in preparation for an attack on the xenos held world of Arathis Prime. The first engagement between the two forces was a brief clash in the ice wastes when the Dark Angels encountered a patrol led by Colic, a foul sorcerer of Nurgle. Without long range firepower the Death Guard were unequipped to handle a mechanised force of space marines. Colic quickly abandoned his plague marine brothers in order to report back to his master, Typhus. The Dark Angels destroyed the chaos marines and using blessed flamers destroyed the bodies before they too might have risen from the dead.

Typhus was now aware of what opposition might oppose the will of Grandfather Nurgle here and next time would be prepared for it. A full legion of Death Guard with Nurgle daemons and a traitor allies deployed to the frozen surface eager to bring putrefaction to the mewling servants of the false emperor!

Abaddon's Wrath - Urbis III

Black Legion vs Thousand Sons

Abaddon the Despoiler still rages about the breaking of his alliances with the other Chaos Lords and he will have his revenge! Having witnessed the successful campaign waged by Zarathur and Ahriman on the Urbis system, jealousy and hatred grew in his breast. Largely abandoning Infernus to the unstoppable Necron forces, Abaddon leads a war fleet out into the sector to reclaim the power that is rightfully his.

One wave of his forces is dispatched to punish the Thousand Sons and bring them back into the fold by force if necessary, They made planetfall without incident and only when greeted by a servant of Zarathur, who welcomed them to Urbis III, did the Black Legion open fire. Abaddon's favoured ones launched a scathing assault with bolter and chainsword, while the Thousand Sons took to summoning wave after wave of scuttling pink horrors to whittle down their numbers. The result was a nightmare for both sides as neither side seemed capable of breaching the enemy positions nor seizing vital objectives on the battle field.

Both sides eventually managed to break away into the rubble strewn streets. The Black Legion and Thousand Sons continue to fight it out in brief small arms exchanges for some time. What will this mean for the future of Urbis? Only time will tell.

Shadow Conclave Returns - Rakdos

Astra Militarum vs Harlequins / Dark Eldar

On the night 050315.M41, The Shadow Conclave launched an attack upon a remote Astra Militarum fort in the deep deserts of Rakdos. Dark Eldar transports and skimmers started a large encircling move south of the fortress. The Imperial armoured units—taken by surprise—reacted in an improvised and disorganized manner at the attack and took heavy casualties. Learning about the enemy moves, Commander Grainger awoke his men and ordered them to take their battle positions. On the next morning, after defeating the 333rd tank brigade located four miles south east, Harlequin tropes approached  as ordered toward the northeast of the fort.

Following a frenzied request for reinforcements, the Imperial Navy bombed the surrounding but caused just as much carnage to the defenders as they did to the attacking xenos. For several days the defenders managed to keep the attackers from their walls. Then the Imperial Navy were able to successfully land several resupplying transports to the compound although six more were destroyed by lance weaponry on the way in. On its return, the transports took the the heavily wounded back to Imperial lines.

A raid by a combined Wytch and Harlequin trope managed to climb the walls. They destroyed five Leman Russ battle tanks and an armored vehicle repair workshop. Meanwhile the Shadow Conclave had been forced to retreat temporarily to the west because of a counter-attack by the 1150th Cadian, but during night this same force was destroyed, allowing the Conclave access to the Imperial supply lines north of the fortress, and the next morning the encirclement of the fort was resumed.

After this, the fighting became even more intense. At about 11:00 am, the Conclave sent its assault detachments, with the support of the harlequins, to try to clear a passage through to the fortress walls. Dark Eldar infantry were able to gain a foothold, but the defenders, taking cover in fox holes, dug outs, and blockhouses, kept up heavy fire on the exposed attackers as they approached. The precision and density of fire prevented any significant advance by the Shadow Conclave. Even with food and water shortages, the well-entrenched guardsmen were still resisting.

That night a single supply transport approached the fort, and against all odds broke through the incoming fire to land safely. The transport managed to resupply the fort and deliver fresh guardsmen. On the other side, the Conclave leaders agreed that this assaut had been too costly for a target that tshould have fallen in the first few hours. They retreated back through the webway. Neither side actually achieved anything but a heavy cost of opposing casualties.

Chaos Continues to Hold - Urbis III

Night Lords vs Grey Knights

The Imperial counter-attack to reclaim ground on Urbis has quickly petered out, leaving the forces of Chaos largely in control of the planet. Zarathur, convinced that it was now impossible for the Imperium to remove them gathered allies from other legions and prepared contingencies just in case the Imperium did try again however. Among them was a large contingent of Night Lords.

When the Imperium did return with aid from the legendary Grey Knights the forces of Chaos were more than ready. Orbital defences brought down several Astra Militarum transports before the remainder made planetfall. These were not the concern of the Night Lords, who had been placed in the perfect ambush point to strike at the Grey Knights. As soon as the daemon hunters stepped foot from their transports, the Night Lords attacked with a savage artillery strike from their concealed tanks followed up by an aerial assault which tied up the Grey Knight stormravens.

The ground assault began with a dual pincer movement. The Grey Knights faced massive resistance as they tried to break out of the killing ground they found themselves in. After 72 hours of nonstop combat in the heavy rain and kicked up dust, the Night Lords closed in for the kill.

Elsewhere, the traitor forces under Zarathur's command successfully eradicated the last of the Tyranid organisms present on Urbis. Providing they could keep the Imperium out, this world was now a trophy for the gods of Chaos!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Eradication - T'Vora

Chaos Daemons vs Space Wolves / Tau Empire

The temporary alliance between the Space Wolves and the Tau on T'Vora lasted for several days as they fought against the slowly growing daemon forces. Together they launched attacks on the warp gates from which the incursion came. The Tau fought the daemons while the wolf priests used their potent psychic powers to shut down the gates.

When the last gate shut, the remaining legion of daemons vanished into the dark. The Tau had taken huge casualties in the fight to defeat the daemons, far more than the space marines had taken. The alliance ended with the Tau retreating back to their lines and the Space Marines holding the territory they had retaken in the last few days.

Imperial Assault Halted - T'Vora

Chaos Daemons vs Space Wolves / Tau Empire

After securing the beachheads, the Imperium launched a large-scale pincer attack and the three Tau divisions assigned to contain the advance were pushed back by the invading forces.  A fighting retreat by units to the Bataan Peninsula, whereupon the defending forces would regroup and hold out for six months, at which time the plan assumed (but did not specify) that relief would arrive from the Empire. They hoped that with this change in strategy, the Imperial invasion plans might be altered.

The concept of  was to delay invading Imperial forces until the Tau Fleet could be mustered at full strength and fight its way through the system to the T'Vora. At the Bataan Peninsula, with its defensive terrain, and backed by artillery Defences, the defenders were expected to hold out until reinforcements arrived.

The Space Wolves led by Ragnar Blackmane launched an attack which had been calculated to break the defensive line within days rather than weeks. To start with the direct assault was proving effective but then everything changed. The walls between worlds breached and into the the fray emerged a force of daemons from the Warp!

The Space Wolves and the Tau joined forces to fight the horrors as alone each would be overrun. The daemons' numbers were legion and despite putting up a great fight, one worthy of song in the halls of Fenris, the alliance lines could not hold. The Space Wolves fell back with the Tau. Ragnar and the Tau commander agreed, for now, to set aside their differences just long enough to destroy the invading daemons.