Sunday, 15 February 2015

Unlikely Alliances - Rakdos

Orks / Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar / Craftworld Iyanden

Rakdos becomes the most complex battlefield in the entirety of the Midas sector. An invading force of Orks attacks the Imperial ground forces on the planet. Shortly the same engagement came surprise under attack by a combined force of Dark Eldar and Iyanden aspect warriors. As a result a temporary truce is made between the Imperial commander (who was executed afterwards for even thinking of the alliance) and the Ork warboss.

With the Imperial aid the larger Ork horde overran the Eldar lines, forcing them back out of the war zone. The Astra Militarum troops were then quickly forced to retreat as the alliance came to an end. Thankfully, the Eldar had drawn the wrath of the Ork and it was towards their lines that the greenskins marched.

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