Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another World Falls - Ventara

Orks vs Craftworld Biel-Tan / Dark Eldar / Harlequins.

The Orks have waged war on Ventara over over a year slowly gaining ground against desperate defenders arrayed against them. But now the time for total planetary victory was at hand. The Eldar defenders called in support from the mysterious Shadow Conclave. A desperate gambit.

The final battle was the greatest of the entire war, lasting fourteen days. The Eldar fought furiously and the Orks found to their cost that they were not going to give this world up without one hell of a fight. To start with the one area where the Eldar found themselves at a disadvantage was in the air. Wave after wave of Ork aircraft tore through anything the Eldar managed to get into the sky.

Fighta-bombas contributed a series of heavy low level bombing runs against groups of Eldar infantry. The Shadow Conclave lost it's leadership in just one such attack. The battle was turning against the Eldar. The Orks isolated and surrounded the enemy ground troops and destroyed them. Ultimately the battle was lost. The Ork horde had secured a new world.

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