Monday, 16 February 2015

Alpha Strike - T'Lau

Deathwatch vs Tau Empire.

Under the command of Inquisitor Amelia Raukoff and Watch-Captain Nero Severan a pair of Deathwatch Kill Teams have descended on an Tau position on T'Lau, where intelligence indicated one of the Ethereal Caste was stationed, directing the renewed offensive on Imperial forces from the safety of a captured bunker complex.

Moving quickly, Kill Team Alpha bypassed the Tau defences, evading Kroot patrols and Fire Warrior Cadres thanks to the divination powers of Inquisitor Raukoff. They made it to within 500 metres of their target before they were forced to halt due to concern of raising the the alarm.

It was then that  Kill Team Beta deployed, having been awaiting Raukoff's signal. Dropping from a Storm Eagle transport high above the target and descending on jump packs, they provided an obvious distraction, drawing out the forces guarding the target and allowing Team Alpha to break into the complex, gunning down the few Fire Caste Warriors left behind and cornering their quarry. Despite the protests of Captain Severan and the more zealous members of the strike team, the Ethereal was not killed, but instead Raukoff ordered the creature be captured alive for future interrogation and dissection.

Fighting a ferocious retreat against the furious Tau Warriors, the Deathwatch called in extraction and bundled the bound Ethereal aboard their shuttle and ferried to the 'Furious Wrath', Raukoff's Strike Cruiser, which was waiting in orbit. The 'Furious Wrath' broke orbit within minutes, carrying their captured prize back to Rukoff's master, Inquisitor von Nearostaffen.

The abduction of the Ethereal threw the Tau forces on T'Lau into a mix of disarray and fury, allowing the Imperial forces on the planet to make many short term gains. The Tau quickly recovered however as other members of the Ethereal Caste took the place of their captured comrade and began a series of counterstrikes. Many within Imperial High Command wonder whether von Nearostaffens orders were driven by the needs of the Imperial War effort or his own selfish ends, but given that Imperial forces were in retreat at at time, commanders on the ground were at least grateful for the short term reprieve the strike brought.

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