Saturday, 28 February 2015

Update #88

"Once the new perimeter is established, we will redouble our shipbuilding efforts and increase revivification of Necron troops. Retreat may prolong the war, but in the end, we will emerge stronger, and in a far better position to take the Midas sector once and for all." - Unknown Necron Lord.

Helles Front Falls to Darkness - Crastus

Black Legion vs Harlequins,

The Black Legion have come to Crastus and immediately took charge of the Chaos offensive, much to the anger of those traitor commanders already present. Their presence did however motivate many of the traitor forces as if anyone could handle the Eldar threat it should be the marines of Abaddon's legion.

Farseer T'ate, who had taken a personal interest in the war on Crastus, requested assistance from the Harlequins. A troupe of Harlequins responded and brought the fight to the Black Legion now laying seige to the city of Helles Reach. The chaos marines had already massacred many of the Iyanden defenders when the troupe arrived.

The Harlequins were woefully unprepared for the force that opposed them. Outnumbered by hundreds of traitor marines they fought their way through the ruined streets in an attempt to reach and slay the commander of this force. They did not reach him and after suffering heavy losses retreated back into the webway.

Testing the Mettle - Savrip

Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons

The Ordo Malleus base on the death world of Savrip has been discovered! The forces of Chaos now plan on destroying the Grey Knight base of operations.

The Librarians of the chapter detected the weakening of the barriers between realms and alerted their battle brothers so that when the daemonic horde manifested in the dense swamps of Savrip that they were ready for them. The Grey Knights were vastly outnumbered as more and more of the horrors crossed over from the Warp but they fought on fiercely as any son of the Emperor would. They suffered casualties but no deaths and held the daemons at bat until their energies dissipated and forced them back into the Immaterium.

Raiders Pursue Mysterious Agenda - T'Vora


From this date onward, the Tau on T'Vora were attacked by Dark Eldar raiders. Tau aircraft made some sorties against the approaching alien raiders, with little success. Many of their aircraft were shot down long before they could deliver their payloads. Tau airfields were soon rendered unusable by Dark Eldar raids, and were abandoned by the soon after.

Shortly there after, about 1,000 Kabalite warriors with wytch support arrived to support the main raiding force. Although the Eldar ground forces were numerically much smaller than the Tau, the Dark Eldar had overwhelming superiority in air support.

Imperium Opens New Front - T'Vora

Astra Militarum / Dark Eldar vs Tau Empire.

A new front has been opened up against the Tau Empire by the Imperium. For too long they have been left alone to slowly expand while everyone else fights and dies for their conquests. To this end a force of Astra Militarum guardsmen were dispatched to T'Vora with the plan of wiping out the xenos population once and for all.

On 260215.M41 T'Vora came under attack by large numbers of Imperial aircraft. After the odds facing the Tau mounted significantly, their commander dispatched a distress signal to the nearest colony requesting assistance. Over the next twenty four hours more than a thousand Imperial aircraft attacked in multiple waves. An lengthy aerial duel ensued. As a result of the intense air attacks, all the Tau orbital defence artillery was destroyed and their infantry were withdrawn.

The Tau ground troops took up positions along the western shore of Blanche Bay where they prepared to meet the landing. The Imperial bombing continued around and early the next morning an Astra Militarum force of 400,000 troops landed proceeded to secure the former Tau military complex. The 211st Cadians had been dispersed around the area and they captured a pair of civilian settlements without opposition. The occupants were herded away to a hastily constructed prison complex. That night, the fleet entered low orbit and before dawn deployed an additional force of around 500,000 troops, mainly from the 144th Cadian Regiment.

A series of desperate actions followed near the landing sites, as the Tau attempted to turn back the attack. The 389th and the 144th Cadian regiments were held up at Vulcan Beach by a company of fire warriors with mechanised support. The engagement was won within hours, not because of the Imperial soldiers but because they recieved unexpected and unwanted aid from a Dark Eldar raiding force.

The Tau were clearly outnumbered and with the arrival of the Dark Eldar, they retreated from the landing sites in an attempt to regroup and await reinforcements from off world. The archon of the raiding Eldar force made contact with the Imperial commander and offered further unofficial support against the alien before vanishing back into the webway before recieving a response.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Eldar Civil War Peaks - Medea

Harlequins vs Warriors of Ynnead.

The civil war between the various Eldar factions has been ongoing unseen by the myriad forces engaged throughout this sector of space. On this date that changed. The Warriors of Ynnead, a small faction in the war, had retreated from the front lines to recuperate and resupply. Mysteriously and without obvious reason, a troupe of Harlequins burst from the webways to assault them.

They led a mighty dance around the beleaguered Warriors who were woefully unprepared for their arrival let alone their attack. The Warriors put up quite the fight but were ultimately forced to flee for their lives. The harlequin trope initially gave pursuit but then vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared.

Tide of Chaos - Urbis III

Chaos Daemons vs Ultramarines.

For a time the Ultramarine counter-attack on Urbis III was successful. Numerous vital targets were retaken in a matter of days. But the Ruinous Powers were not about to allow this world to fall back into the hands of the Imperium. Pockets of the Immaterium began to break through across Urbis and from them waddled forth an army of the infernal.

The daemon army marched to war against both the threat of the space marines as well as the dwindling Tyranid menace. At first the Ultramarines made some headway against them but as more and more manifested they were pushed back. Eventually orders were dispatched recalling them to their strike cruisers and back to Midas Prime.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Implacable Advance - Infernus

World Eaters vs Necrons

The remainder of the World Eaters force on Infernus numbered approximately 1,100 marines. The defence line they held was protected by large anti-aircraft, and field batteries. The entrance to the gates were protected by a minefield.

On 250215.M41, the Necron army was sighted moving south, and on the same day formations of Heldrakes attacked the machines. Despite this, the Necron army successfully the Chaos marine lines. The assault initially met little enemy resistance and, by dawn, had occupied the outlaying areas. The southward advance moved slowly as the minefields took their toll.

Once through the gates the Necrons encountered heavy resistance as the World Eaters marines brought their considerable close combat talents to the fore. Initially the World Eaters made good progress but the Necron had considerably more ground troops and most of those slain rose up mere moments later to continue the fight.

After four hours of intense fighting the Necron army had decimated the traitor marines in their path and little lay between them and Abaddon's fortress. The chosen of the Blood God had showen themselves unable to stop the unliving machines. Would Infernus, seat of power for the forces of Chaos succumb where the Imperium had feared to tread?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ritual Combat - Fangol

Space Wolves vs Dark Angels

Heated words in the halls of the Warmaster during crusade council meetings have reignited old rivalries between the Dark Angels and Space Wolves. Rather than waste resources during an important campaign, the two chapters secretly meet on the ice fields of Fangol to settle their differences. This is no harmless war game but genuine battle as tempers flare on both sides.

When the masters of both chapters call an end to the fight, both sides have many casualties but thankfully only a few dead. The Dark Angels are declared the victors much to the chagrin of the Space Wolves. Parting words indicate that the insults to each chapters honours have not fully been buried.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Xenos Forces Massacred - Metallo IV

Ultramarines vs Craftworld Iyanden.

The battle for sector 0045 was a brief but major turning point in the war.  The Eldar of Craftworld Iyanden fought an uphill battle against a numerically superior space marine force. The engagement lasted just three days before the surviving Eldar force fled the area to the south. The Ultramarines pursued and cut down every single xenos as they routed. Two days later the Eldar attempted to recapture sector 0045 but were again defeated and forced to fall back.

Raiders Driven Out - Illiad

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar

Not prepared to allow the Dark Eldar to gain a foothold on Illiad, the Ultramarines gave pursuit and after several hours of running gun battles, cornered the raiders in the ruins of a fallen outpost. Perfectly executed, the Ultramarines battle plan prevented any of the foul aliens from escaping. Each was cut down to the last and their dark devices burned with holy fire.

Advisors to Warmaster Xerxes feel that this attack was merely a test to see how strong the Imperial resolve was to defend worlds that otherwise have little strategic importance.

Pirate Raid - Illiad

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar

The servants of the Golden Mask archon launch a raid upon the Imperial forces on Illiad. Striking from under cover of darkness the piratical Eldar successfully hit at three airfields capturing hundreds of slaves for return to the Dark City. By the time that the Imperial defenders could reach the attack sites there was no way of saving them from the horrors they would face.

Golden Mask himself was not present but his forces were prepared for the arrival of a space marine strike force. The Ultramarines were hard pressed to inflict casualties upon the fast moving Dark Eldar force. They however, did cause the deaths or removal of many of the space marines before boarding their transports and speeding away to their next target.

Sicarius Leads Counter-Attack - Urbis III

Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons

On 220215.M41, the Ultramarines arrived in the vanguard of an Imperial attempt to recapture the Urbis system. The 2nd, 3rd,  and 6th companies made planet fall and massed at the great temple of the Emperor and advanced southward in three columns. However, the Thousand Sons formed a deep pocket around the city and set up ambush parties in preperation for the loyalists arrival. The Ultramarines columns faced strong resistance from the Chaos forces and the eastern column was forced to take a detour further east, and the other two columns had to move closer together than originally planned.

Two days later the Ultramarines launched a drop pod assault, surprising the Thousand Sons, bombarded them with heavy weapons fire and inflicted heavy casualties on them. At about the same time, assault squads swept down to attack the enemy supply lines, with plenty of aid from civilians. The Thousand Sons line collapsed not long after. The Thousand Sons then attempted to retreat across the war zone, not knowing that an ambush party was already stationed in their path. None survived.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Update #87

"Necron vessels. They were sighted in the Perseus Sector two days ago. Seems they're gathering, creating a border on the edge of the sector." - Captain Vasquez, Blade of Illumination.

Disturbed Evil - Triton Prime

Necrons vs Farsight Enclave.

En route to Pyros II to back up the Enclave forces fighting there, a carrier diverted to the Triton system to resupply with water and resources from the uninhabited second planet. What awaited them was something from their worst nightmares. For in the time that no invading force had returned, the entire Necron tomb complex had awoken and from the sands they arose.

As landing craft swooped down towards the chosen island chain, they came under fire from concealed gauss batteries. Three landers were destroyed before making land fall. As the others touched down, they deployed Fire Warriors who immediately came under attack from the Necron warriors rising from the waters around them. It soon became apparent that the landing force was outnumbered and outmatched, the machine creatures fielding never before seen technologies. After three hours of fighting the recall order was given and the Enclave forces attempted to retreat. Less than half of the landing craft which made planet fall successfully evacuated.

The Enclave lost many good warriors for nothing but they had learnt that some worlds were best left alone.

The Fall of Urbis - Urbis III

Chaos Daemons vs Thousand Sons / Chaos Daemons

On this date the last of the Imperial defenders on Urbis III were slain or enslaved, along with the surviving population. It should have been the crowning moment in Zarathur's crusade leaving just the nascent Tyranid hive to be eliminated but the Chaos Gods were not through with their new favourite champion,

In a foolish joke, Zarathur used his dark sorcery to summon a force of Nurgle daemons which would fight and die not for their master's glory but for that of Tzeentch. The Changer of the Ways did find this folly amusing but the dark powers do not accept such heresy and they opened portals around the sorcerer's command post, disgorging a horde of monstrous crawling, flying and flopping horrors into his presence.

By the time they were destroyed or driven back into the Warp, Zarathur had lost a large number of his Thousand Son's to the incursion and he himself was gravely wounded. His punishment complete the Ruinous Powers turned their attention elsewhere but it did not matter for this world would soon be a new temple to the powers of Chaos!

After the losses, would Zarathur have the strength to halt the Tyranid advance?

Blood for the Blood God! - Volcanis

World Eaters vs Night Lords.

The unstable death world of Volcanis has been nominally under Imperial rule despite it having no strategic use nor any salvageable resources. Unknown to them, for some months now the Night Lords traitor marines have been using this magmatic planet as a base of operations. From here they have launched their numerous raids against their enemies. That secret has been exposed to the cost of them all.

At 03:00 hours on 190215.M41 a World Eaters cruiser entered orbit above Volcanis and began deploying marines to the surface. When alerted to the incursion, Night Lord commander D'urham ordered all marines to resist the savages!

The first target was a subterranean hanger which would grant easy access to the Night Lords headquarters. Those Night Lord marines turned the autocannon turrets on the advancing enemy before blasting them with small arms fire. Through this a number of Helltalon aircraft were able to launch and strafe the approaching World Eaters. Every other Night Lord aircraft and Heldrake were shot down by perfectly positioned havoc squads armed with missile launchers.

By 08:00 hours the hangers were in World Eater hands. The Night Lords destroyed anything of valuable and retreated to their bastion fortress with any easily carried supplies. A new perimeter was set up and the Night Lords rolled out a series of antiquated Heresy era tanks to defend their base of operations.

Having successfully taken the hangers, the World Eaters deployed the remainder of their forces including a number of heavy tanks and Helbrutes. Battle was quickly joined and within minutes the majority of the Night Lord tanks were burning scrap. Against the threat of the savage World Eaters there was little that the Night Lords could do.

Eventually it came down to a mighty duel between the insane World Eaters commander and D'urham, master of the Night Lords. For hours uncounted they traded blows while their men died around them in brutal combat for the amusement of the Chaos Gods! D'urham tired first and was cast down.

When the battle ended and the losses counted, it would seem that D'urham's unconscious and broken body was nowhere to be found, and a number of his brothers were unaccounted for among the dead.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Into Hell - Infernus

Necrons vs World Eaters.

The Battle for Infernus began when the Necron army invaded on 180215.M41. Necron troops launched an assault on the northern continent and started advancing down the eastern coast. This was made in conjunction with landings at the south polar regions, where they then proceeded north overland across the to attack the Chaos bastions in the west.

The invasion was initially resisted by elements of the World Eaters legion. The Necron quickly isolated individual units defending the coastline, before concentrating their forces to surround the defenders and annihilate them.

The Necron forces held a slight advantage in numbers on the ground in the north, and were significantly superior in close air support, armour, co-ordination, tactics and experience. The World Eaters had few tanks, which had put them at a severe disadvantage. The Necrons also used barges and monoliths, which allowed swift movement of their forces overland through terrain covered with thick forests of flesh.

A counter-attack was implemented but the World Eaters marines were easily defeated and the the Necron army continued to advance into enemy territory with little real resistance.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Alpha Strike - T'Lau

Deathwatch vs Tau Empire.

Under the command of Inquisitor Amelia Raukoff and Watch-Captain Nero Severan a pair of Deathwatch Kill Teams have descended on an Tau position on T'Lau, where intelligence indicated one of the Ethereal Caste was stationed, directing the renewed offensive on Imperial forces from the safety of a captured bunker complex.

Moving quickly, Kill Team Alpha bypassed the Tau defences, evading Kroot patrols and Fire Warrior Cadres thanks to the divination powers of Inquisitor Raukoff. They made it to within 500 metres of their target before they were forced to halt due to concern of raising the the alarm.

It was then that  Kill Team Beta deployed, having been awaiting Raukoff's signal. Dropping from a Storm Eagle transport high above the target and descending on jump packs, they provided an obvious distraction, drawing out the forces guarding the target and allowing Team Alpha to break into the complex, gunning down the few Fire Caste Warriors left behind and cornering their quarry. Despite the protests of Captain Severan and the more zealous members of the strike team, the Ethereal was not killed, but instead Raukoff ordered the creature be captured alive for future interrogation and dissection.

Fighting a ferocious retreat against the furious Tau Warriors, the Deathwatch called in extraction and bundled the bound Ethereal aboard their shuttle and ferried to the 'Furious Wrath', Raukoff's Strike Cruiser, which was waiting in orbit. The 'Furious Wrath' broke orbit within minutes, carrying their captured prize back to Rukoff's master, Inquisitor von Nearostaffen.

The abduction of the Ethereal threw the Tau forces on T'Lau into a mix of disarray and fury, allowing the Imperial forces on the planet to make many short term gains. The Tau quickly recovered however as other members of the Ethereal Caste took the place of their captured comrade and began a series of counterstrikes. Many within Imperial High Command wonder whether von Nearostaffens orders were driven by the needs of the Imperial War effort or his own selfish ends, but given that Imperial forces were in retreat at at time, commanders on the ground were at least grateful for the short term reprieve the strike brought.

Tau Prepare For War - Acastus prime

Tau Empire vs Tau Empire.

Much like their Imperial rivals on Thule, the Tau survivours of the recent daemon incursion of Acastus prime have begun a series of drills and simulated war games just in case their quiet little world should once again fall under attack. Communications have been dispatched requesting reinforcments but with the Empire spread out across the sector it may be some time before help arrives.

Astra Militarum Victory! - Rakdos

Astra Militarum vs Orks.

For weeks the Imperial forces had been largely inactive on Rakdos. Commander Alistair Pendragon, general of the Rakdos campaign, hoped that with the enemy forces arrayed against the chosen of the Emperor would fight and kill one another. The men and machines under his command would then be able to mop up any resistance. After a few weeks after the Orks arrival, it did not look like his hopes would see the light.

When the Rakdos campaign recieved unexpected aid from Thule, in the form of a titan legion, things started to look up and a new offensive was organised. The Titans led an attack on the Ork position at Hesperos Point. The Ork were weak from engagements against both the Eldar and the Tyranids. With any sizeable threat eliminated by the Titans, the ground forces of the Astra Militarum entered the battle and performed a text book kill on the remaining xenos troops.

The greenskins were removed from Rakdos but would the presence of a titan legion be enough to secure this world once more for the Emperor?

Slave Raid - Baphomet VII

Dark Eldar vs Orks.

The world of Baphomet has been left largely ignored since it fell to the Orks. Located in a fairly uninteresting corner of the sector no faction has cared enough to attempt to reclaim it. The Orks there have become lazy and fight among themselves rather than wage war elsewhere. That has now changed with the arrival of a significant Dark Eldar raiding force led by a never before seen Archon, one whose face is hidden behind a golden mask.

The piratical Eldar descended upon Baphomet VII in the growing darkness. Before the Orks even knew what hit them most of their number lay dead. Hundreds more were captured, drugged and dragged away to the Dark City. When a force of Orks arrived to investigate the fighting, a short lived engagement ensued, one in which the Dark Eldar were all too successful in expediting. By the time that both suns arose in the morning, thousands of Orks had been slaughtered or taken away to worse fates.

The mysterious new Archon ordered his minions to begin construction of a defensive bastion around their entrance to the Webway. From here they would raid the Ork again and soon his growing army would have a real universe world of their own away from the dark treacheries of Commorragh.

Test of the Gods - Urbis III

Thousand Sons vs Chaos Daemons

Zarathur's crusade to capture the world of Urbis  was going well. The Thousand Sons left the doomed Imperial forces to waste themselves against the rising Tyranid threat and led a series of swift strikes that destroyed power generators and isolated legions of Astra Militarum from their supply lines. The war was going well at least for him.

The Ruinous Powers are fickle however and sometimes those who would seize power must be tested. From the depths of the Warp arose an army of daemons eager to walk the physical world once more and wage war in the name of Chaos. The Chaos Gods sent these horrors of the Warp against the Thousand Sons. Zarathur knew all to well that his dark master was testing him and he would not be found wanting. Although the Thousand Sons were slow in battle, they made up for it with sorcery and eldritch power.

Across Urbis they fought for days, immortal vs the unliving. Those Imperial guardsmen unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire were cut down as a man might smite an insect. This war was against the lords of Chaos only. Eventually, the power that held them here waned and the daemons were drawn back to the dark masters, leaving a blooded but victorious Thousand Sons behind them.

A Shattered Peace - Acastus Prime

Tau Empire vs Chaos Daemons

For some months now the Tau colony on Acastus Prime has lived in peace far from the myriad wars. Most of the fire warriors who conquered the planet have been redeployed to fight else where leaving a token defense force behind.

For a brief time on 150215.M41 the Acastus system was subject to a reappearance of the same warp storm that once transformed the world from a beautiful verdant planet to a barren wasteland. With the swirling cloud of pure Chaos came a manifestation of daemonic evil. The Tau quickly gathered the civilians into shelters and manned the barricades.

The daemons came in waves battering each other aside to reach the Tau and shed their blood first. Those in the front were met by a volley of fire and many were blasted back into the Warp but still they came. The smaller daemons were no match for the Tau but the larger more aggressive horrors shrugged off small arms fire with ease. With their mighty strength they soon breached the walls and the slaughter began.

Thankfully the Tau knew the layout of the colony and were able to use it to their advantage. Lesser daemons and beasts were gunned down from high vantage points. Greater daemons and soul grinders were unable to follow down narrow streets and alleyways thus blunting their effectiveness.

After mere hours of dominating the night sky, the warp storm just vanished. Cut off from their power, the daemons wailed and faded from reality. The Tau lost many good warriors in the engagement but thankfully the civilian population was unharmed though many would suffer nightmares reliving these events for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Update #86

"Either we win here or lose everywhere. If we win here, we improve the chances of winning everywhere." - Aun'shi, Tau Ethereal.

The Tides of War Shift - T'Vora

Tau Empire vs Orks.

The Tau Empire counter-attack against the Ork also included a sizable tank detachment which maneuvered to outflank the enemy. This was partly successful although the Tau took heavy loses. It did however, force the Orks to fall back away from the offensive. During the subsequent restoration the Orks drew all their available boyz together to combat the Tau.

The Tau continued to advance, casting aside any Ork resistance as they went. Each engagement caused a further Ork retreat. Slowly the greenskins were losing more and more ground to the Tau. Finally, surrounded and without reinforcement the Orks were annihilated.

Unlikely Alliances - Rakdos

Orks / Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar / Craftworld Iyanden

Rakdos becomes the most complex battlefield in the entirety of the Midas sector. An invading force of Orks attacks the Imperial ground forces on the planet. Shortly the same engagement came surprise under attack by a combined force of Dark Eldar and Iyanden aspect warriors. As a result a temporary truce is made between the Imperial commander (who was executed afterwards for even thinking of the alliance) and the Ork warboss.

With the Imperial aid the larger Ork horde overran the Eldar lines, forcing them back out of the war zone. The Astra Militarum troops were then quickly forced to retreat as the alliance came to an end. Thankfully, the Eldar had drawn the wrath of the Ork and it was towards their lines that the greenskins marched.

Return of the Tau - T'Lau

"Tau Empire" vs Astra Militarum

The Tau Empire returned to T'Lau to retake a world that they consider to be theirs. As their starships engaged the orbiting Imperial Navy, hundreds of drop ships braved the orbital defence batteries to land on the surface of the planet. In the end nearly two hundred thousand fire warriors and their support vehicles reached the ground alive.

The initial engagement started with a guerrilla force clashed with an incoming Astra Militarum force moving to intercept the invaders. The Imperial troops crossed into Tau held territory at four locations and made rapid advances. The main Tau force avoiding confronting the enemy and managed to outflank the Imperial forces. Once in position they assaulted the flank of the enemy. Several thousand guardsmen were killed in just twelve hours of fighting at which point the remainder of the Imperial troops fell back under heavy fire.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Battle for Factorum 2366 - Metallo IV

Ultramarines vs Craftworld Biel-Tan / Dark Eldar.

The Ultramarines arrived after nearly two months in the Warp to assist the beleaguered PDF against the invading Eldar. Upon their arrival they made good progress in pushing back the Eldar lines. In the first few days they pushed forwards reclaiming lost ground. As they moved to retake Factorum Complex 2366 the Ultramarines clashed with the Eldar and their Dark Eldar brothers - the Shadow Conclave.

Leading from the front, the marine captain sought out the enemy leader and bested him in one on one heroic combat. The loss of their Farseer caused the Eldar lines to collapse and no help was forthcoming.  The fate of the Eldar was sealed. With little support and no reinforcements coming, the Eldar had not the mobility to escape the wrath of the space marines. The Ultramarines simply formed a gun line and shot down all enemies before them. The entire battle lasted just three hours but by the end the Imperium had retaken a vital objective in the war for Metallo IV.

Another World Falls - Ventara

Orks vs Craftworld Biel-Tan / Dark Eldar / Harlequins.

The Orks have waged war on Ventara over over a year slowly gaining ground against desperate defenders arrayed against them. But now the time for total planetary victory was at hand. The Eldar defenders called in support from the mysterious Shadow Conclave. A desperate gambit.

The final battle was the greatest of the entire war, lasting fourteen days. The Eldar fought furiously and the Orks found to their cost that they were not going to give this world up without one hell of a fight. To start with the one area where the Eldar found themselves at a disadvantage was in the air. Wave after wave of Ork aircraft tore through anything the Eldar managed to get into the sky.

Fighta-bombas contributed a series of heavy low level bombing runs against groups of Eldar infantry. The Shadow Conclave lost it's leadership in just one such attack. The battle was turning against the Eldar. The Orks isolated and surrounded the enemy ground troops and destroyed them. Ultimately the battle was lost. The Ork horde had secured a new world.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Urban War - Urbis III

Thousand Sons / Chaos Daemons vs Black Legion

Zarathur was smarting after the recent losses his troops had suffered against the Ultramarines only days ago. A change of target was needed. One less defended but just as important. Zarathur decided that the power station  in district 668 was to be his target. Cripple that and a whole continent sized chunk of the blank would go dark.

Zarathur led his remaining force through the war-torn city towards his destination. Unknown to him, a legion of Abaddon's own marines had had the same idea. When the two legions encountered one another, bloodshed ensued. The two legions engaged in a running battle through the streets, ruins and monorail tunnels that made up district 668.

The Black Legion had more battle brothers but the eldritch nature of the Thousand Sons meant that their fewer numbers more than compensated. Arcane bolts ripped through Black Legionnaires like a chainsword through parchment. The fighting in the streets did not last more than a couple hours before the last Black Legion marine was cut down.

Zarathur's minions slaughtered the Mechanicus workers at the power station and bombs were planted. The whole facility erupted in fire and a large swath of Urbis III fell into darkness.

Homeworld Defense - Medea

Warriors of Ynnead vs Farsight Enclave.

Ships from the Farsight Enclave arrived in the skies above Medea. At first they offered friendly overtones but when these were rebuffed, the ships bombed the surface. After two hours the firing stopped and they deployed ground forces prepared to engage the Eldar survivours. Over three hundred thousand fire warriors made planet fall supported by numerous aircraft.

Tau reconnaissance flights attempted to desperately locate the Eldar positions, supply points and webway portals. Their task was also to deal with any enemy aircraft. Unfortunately this was not achieved. They were however, able to secure three sectors of the new front against the planet's defenders, the Warriors of Ynnead.

The Enclave deployed a force of sixty hammerhead tanks to intercept the Eldar ground forces. They crossed a hundred miles of open ground before engaging in an impressive tank battle against the Eldar falcon grav tanks. It took four days for the Tau to encircle and destroy the Eldar, who had had little time to prepare after the bombardment. By the end of the week it looked as though the Eldar defenders might be overrun. The Enclave advance halted after this to allow the ground troops to catch up. During that time the Warriors of Ynnead finished building their defenses.

By the time that the Enclave once again pushed forwards, the Eldar were firmly entrenched and waiting. When the Enclave force arrived the Warriors of Ynnead were lying in wait. A sudden barrage of long range fire smashed their tanks and crippled the incoming aircraft. Only a few Enclave craft survived to strafe the ruins and they were swiftly taken down by hidden anti-air batteries. As the ground forces marched into the ruinec city, rangers took out their squad leaders and special weapon troops. Hover tanks and jet bikes swooped through the streets gunning down more and then vanishing like ghosts in the night.

Within hours the Enclave had lost it's initiative and were forced back. The Eldar continued to harass the Tau as they retreated to their landing zones. The Enclave ground forces were too large for now to dislodge but the Eldar were able to hold them in place for now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

War Games - Thule

Ultramarines vs Space Wolves

Ultramarines vs Astra Militarum.

A distant world in the Cyrene subsector has been decided shall be the last line of defence against any threat coming from the Midas sector. Thule shall be the fortress world for the Midas sector. A company of Space Wolves and Ultramarines have been selected to defend it should all other worlds fall from the Emperor's light.

In preperation for such an attack, those space marines stationed here play a series of regular war games. So far the Ultramarines tactical accumen have won out over the sheer aggression of the Space Wolves. Should the enemy come to Thule, they will be ready.

Midas Prime Reclaimed - Midas Prime

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar / Craftworld Biel-Tan.

After nearly a year the Necron invasion was finally destroyed and the sector capital back in Imperial hands. Peace was short lived however as just days later reports arrived of a Shadow Conclave attack on an outlaying airfield. An Ultramarine company recently arrived was dispatched to handle the incursion.

The Ultramarines deployed from low flying thunderhawk gunships, which straffed the attacking aliens and circled around. Dark Eldar and guardians from Craftworld Biel-Tan occupied the airfield and surrounding area. The Ultramarines initially suffered heavy casualties. Two squads were completely destroyed by dark lance weaponry in the opening volleys of the battle.

Of the initial forces, the majority of the space marines suffered casualties as they took the fight to the alien aggressors. Many of the thunderhawks were taken down by lance weaponry as they came back for a strafing run. A number of Ultramarine terminators had landed off course due to teleporter malfunction, and set up defences on the edge of the airfield. In order to destroy them, the Eldar were forced to assault the terminators positions and all were cut down either by heavy fire or in close combat.

With those losses the Shadow Conclave could not hold against the remaining space marines. They cut their losses and fled back into the webway. Would all these losses cause a crack in the alliance between the Eldar and their Dark brethren?

Offensive Repelled - Urbis

Ultramarines vs Thousand Sons / Orks.

On 110215.M41, a force of Thousand Sons with Ork mercenaries attacked the headquarters of the Planetary Defence Forces. They had not expected to encounter the Ultramarines led by legendary captain Cato Sicarius. Fierce fighting broke out, and a series of bloody see-saw battles continued as both sides contested the position. On the following day, after the base fell to the Thousand Sons, an Ultramarines air strike destroyed the enemies ammunition supplies, demoralizing the traitor marines and stalling their advance. The Ultramarines used the lull in combat to fortify their new position. Even though the Thousand Sons and their allies, held the PDF headquarters, their commander - a sorcerer named Zarathur, was determined to achieve total victory by destroying the space marine defenders.

Several days later the Thousand Sons attacked the outer Ultramarine defences but were repeatedly driven back by dug-in marines and heavy weapon fire. The Thousand Sons suffered heavy casualties that day, and the next day they advanced under smoke launchers. This time they reached the Ultramarine defenders and vicious hand to hand fighting broke out. Both sides took casualties but eventually the Thousand Sons breached the defences. A brief lull in the fighting occured as the Thousand Sons called in their Ork allies, and the Ultramarines fortified their second and third defence lines.

The Thousand Sons called forth a wave of Heldrakes to attack those lines, resulting in many space marine casualties before being destroyed. They then advanced with land raiders and rhinos, followed by infantry. However, the Ultramarines managed to destroy the tanks and gun down many of the traitor marines with small arms fire. The Thousand Sons retreated and bombarded the lines with missile launchers and vindicator tanks. The Ultramarines had expected this and had already pulled back to the third defence lines.

The Thousand Sons followed up by launching an all out attack on the Ultramarine's last line of defence, by throwing in all their remaining heldrakes, tanks and infantry. The space marines retaliated with missile launcher and heavy bolter fire, plus their own stormravens and stormtalons to match the chaos heldrakes. The losses on both sides were horrific. The Thousand Sons had better equipment and the power of sorcery, however the Ultramarines outnumbered them by this point. At the end of day, the lines were still held by Sicarius and his battle brothers while the traitor marines were repelled.

Zarathur refused to commit his forces to a counter attack. He was not prepared to suffer any more losses and so pulled back from the battle lines. The PDF headquarters returned to Imperial control and the Imperium was able to pursue and recapture lost territory.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Update #85

"If a man dedicates his life to good deeds and the welfare of others, he will die unthanked and unremembered. If he exercises his genius bringing misery and death to billions, his name will echo through the millennia for a hundred lifetimes. Infamy is always more preferable to ignominy."

Bloodbath - Illiad

Black Legion vs Blood Angels

At approximately 08:00 hours on 050215.M41 the Chaos cruiser Black Star translated into the system and drifted towards the war torn world of Illiad. On board was an unnamed war band loyal to Abaddon and his forces. Made of from the remnants of dozens of legions and war bands, this force was a threat to be reckoned with. The Black Star entered orbit where it obliterated the Imperial warship Defiance and sent it's burning hulk plummeting into the atmosphere.

Using a variety of landing craft, dreadclaws and arcane teleportation equipment the war band deployed to a remote corner of Imperial territory known as Keren Sector. The area was largely a wasteland left behind after the recent wars against Chaos. By noon of the following day the chaos marines had crossed the river and were approaching up the Ascidera Valley until brought to a halt at the Dongolaas Gorge, where the road had been blocked by elements of the Blood Angels stationed on Illiad. They had detected the Chaos approach and prepared a kill zone to halt their advance. The Chaos forces having made reconnaissance when the loyalist marines were first detected, launched their offensive to the left of the gorge. Khornate marines fought their way to the top of the ridge in front of Sanchil, and on the next night, Death Guard forces passed through them and advanced onto Brig's Peak but were counter attacked by Death Company forces who forced them from their newly acquired positions and back towards Cameron Ridge. The ridge became the focus of heavy fighting for ten days. The ridge was overlooked by Mount Sammana where Blood Angels devastator squads had deployed with missile launchers and lascannons.

On the sixth day the Chaos forces received reinforcements from the Black Star. They attacked Fort Dologorodoc, east of the gorge, looping right around the ancient stone obelisk known as the Pinnacle and into what the local Astra Militarum troops sarcastically called "Happy Valley". They were held at bay by the defenders until the early hours when with ammunition running low they retreated to resupply. They were chased back by heavy artillery fire.

On the afternoon of the tenth day the traitor marines attacked Brig's Peak and captured it on the eleventh day. By that night they had also taken Sanchil. Having endured heavy weapons fire and air strikes they were quickly forced to vacate both objectives. Once again they had been forced into the bloodbath that was Cameron Ridge. Despite not being to hold two vital objectives, the Chaos marines launched a savage attack forward into the Imperial cross hairs. At 05:30 hours on the morning of the 12th day, supported by heavy artillery fire they tried once again to destroy the Blood Angels gun line. The attack failed as part way through the assault a third of their number were pulled back to defend Cameron Ridge. The Chaos attack was beginning to falter.

Captain Machiavi of the Blood Angel's 3rd company saw the chance to destroy the traitors. With a battle cry he led his brothers in a heroic charge down Dongolaas Gorge, slamming into the enemy with all the fury of the righteous! The Traitor forces had lost most of it's ground forces and they were quickly losing the will to fight. Still, they fought hard for another twenty five hours. By the time the last of the Chaos marines had fallen or fled into the wastes the Blood Angels 3rd company had been reduced in strength by half. Victory came been costly but ultimately neither side had secured any new territory from their enemy.

Terror Raid - D'Then

Night Lords vs Tyranids

A Night Lord's raiding band descended upon the world of D'Then seeking to seize vital resources from the Tau defenders while they fought against the Tyranid hive fleet. What they found was that the Tyranids had overrun far more of the Tau positions than had been expected. The Night Lords found themselves deployed into territory long controlled by the Great Devourer.

The Night Lords numbered around four thousand marines which was considered enough to deal with any Tau forces encountered. They expected to overrun them and win any battles, gather arms and equipment, and escape into the Warp before anyone really knew they were there. It was an insane endeavour but worthwhile if successful.

Unfortunately they were detected by the Tyranids who responded in force. Their usual tactics useless against the alien horde, they were forced to cut them down as they approached while individual strike teams planted explosives to destroy bridges and cause deep craters where the Tyranids could be herded and cut down. The hive mind quickly learned from these actions and directed flying organisms to engage the chaos marines. Havoc teams held them at bay for hours but ammunition was running out. By night fall over half of the Night Lords had been cut down and by dawn none were left.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ancient Rivalries Clash - Urbis

World Eaters vs Thousand Sons

In the wake of the daemonic incursion of Urbis a mighty fleet of warships translated from the Warp into low orbit. From the realm of Chaos came the Thousand Sons led by the infamous Ahriman. They landed and began waging war against the Planetary Defense Forces, battering them aside with dark sorcery. After a few hours a second fleet of warships arrived and launched dreadclaws down into the ranks of the Thousand Sons. Kharn the Betrayer had come to Urbis but his target was not the Imperial troops but rather Ahriman's.

The World Eaters engaged the Thousand Sons marines in close combat in the city streets. The blessings of the Blood God protected them from the sorcery of Tzeentch and their martial skill overwhelmed the Thousand Sons. Kharn and Ahriman fought one another through the night until with one telekinetic shove Kharn was buried under a wall of plasticrete. Ahriman pulled his forces out of the central city, leaving the Khorne berserkers to slaughter their way through the Imperial Guard.