Thursday, 1 January 2015

Year #2 Update

Imperial forces started the year on a rear footing. Constant attacks by Eldar caused significant damage to their infrastructure and then the rise of the Necrons caused Warmaster Xerxes to abandon Midas Prime. The only saving grace was the infighting among the various Chaos war bands as Abaddon the Despoiler attempted, unsuccessfully, to unify them under his grip. Now, with aid from several space marine chapters the Imperium has begun to fight back and reclaim what is rightfully theirs!

The Eldar alliance began seizing valuable targets but much like the Chaos forces was harmed by disagreements and infighting. The fear that the Necrontyr in this sector would awaken has been realised and now the entire Midas Sector is in grave danger. With the threat of Chaos out of the way will the Eldar be able to set aside their differences and defeat the machine menace in the coming months?

Ghazghull's orks have spread from their holdings on Volistad to overrun many of the nearby worlds. The Perseus and Medusa sectors look to be in danger of being swept aside by a tide of green. So far they have barely threatened the Midas sector for which the Imperium is thankful.

At long last this year saw the Necrons arise in great numbers and attempt to seize territory, including the Midas Prime. Their initial conquests seemed destined to lead them to victory but they found themselves locked in a stalemate as their myriad enemies fought back. As the year comes to an end their holdings are being swiftly taken from them and they are forced to retreat.

Tau Empire.
The Tau have spent the last year fighting against aggressors in the Medusa sector. They have been forced into a war which prevents them continuing to expand out into the neighbouring sectors. There are those among the Imperial analylists who think that the Tau Empire's days are numbered as they are fighting both the Ork hordes and the unstoppable wave of Tyranids that continue to crash upon the sector's shores.

The tendrils of Hive Fleet Amorak have dug in deep in every corner of this region of space. Thankfully for all concerned these are just the vanguard and it may be sometime before the full might of the Tyanids threatens all. In recent months they suffered terribly when the Ork's managed to fight back, driving them from Volistad and following them out into space.

Since the death of Kor Aven, Abaddon the Despoiler has tried to unite all the factions of traitor marines under his banner but has failed to do so. World after world that once cried out in terror to the ruinous powers has returned to the control of the hated Imperium. Only when Abaddon can coalesce his forces into a single unified fighting force will they become a threat to the Imperium once more.

Farsight Enclave.
The Enclave has suffered huge set backs and been driven from the Medusa sector. They have since returned, appearing in the Midas Sector where they now engage the Imperium for control of the Pyros system. Will they return to being a force to be reckoned with or will they be a mere footnote in the chronicles of the crusade?

Dark Eldar.
The piratical Dark Eldar have no desire to control territory. Instead they seek to use the confusion of war to gather slaves and prey from the various factions fighting.

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