Friday, 30 January 2015

Wrath of the Gods - Infernus

Chaos Daemons vs Night Lords

The four great and ruinous powers have grown enraged over the failings of their mortal servants to take and hold the Midas Sector. As punishment, great swarms of daemonic creatures arose on worlds where the chaos marines had significant holdings and directly attacked them.

The Night Lords occupied their own fortress on Infernus, licking their wounds and rearming after recent engagements with the Death Guard. The first they knew that something was wrong, was when an earth tremor rippled through the flesh of the world. Crawling from the deep bleeding crevasses came a mass of mewling pink horrors. Slowly more and more daemons manifested around the fortress. The Night Lords reacted quickly, marching out to gun down any that came near. Missile launcher teams deployed to the towers of the fortress firing a rain of explosive death among the daemons.

Juggernauts and soul grinders crawled into our reality, laying waste to the outer defenses and crushing the Night Lords under their brazen claws. There was nothing the chaos marines could do against this eternal threat. For every horde of daemons cast back into the Warp another appeared in their place and the Night Lords were overrun. Following this brief engagement the Night Lords of Infernus were destroyed, leaving only a few warbands operating alone across the sector.

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