Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Alliance Cracks - Infernus

World Eaters vs Night Lords.

Abaddon's alliance shows further signs of breaking apart as Kharn leads his World Eaters out of the alliance. Kharn cares nothing for Abaddon's plans to rule this sector of the galaxy. All that matters is skulls for the skull throne. In response Abaddon falls back on his typical methods and sends a loyal legion to punish them.

The World Eaters had a numerical superiority, the core of which was made up of berserkers. The Night Lords were a mere 100 marines with a detachment of predator tanks. Though half the numbers, the Night Lords came with havoc squads and terminators.

The two legions clashed in the early afternoon of 040115.M41 with the Night Lord tanks cresting a dune of flesh and opening fire on the World Eaters below. The ensuing firefight last a mere twelve hours, ending with the Night Lords being forced to retreat. By the time the Night Lords regrouped, Kharn and his men had boarded their flotila of ships and vanished into the Warp.

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