Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Strange Bedfellows - Hermes IV

Imperial Guard / Dark Eldar vs Night Lords

The Tau have been driven from the Hermes system but the Planetary Defence Forces do not have time to rest. Within days Hermes IV came under attack from a large force of Dark Eldar seeking weak and demoralised prey. The two forces engaged one another on and off for several weeks, trading shots at long range until the unexpected happened... the arrival of the Night Lords.

Both the Imperial Guard and the Dark Eldar suffered casualties as the chaos marines did not differentiate between the two forces arrayed against them. The two simply stopped fighting one another and turned to the interloping chaos legion.

The Night Lords force consisted of three hundred marines and a detachment of heavy tanks. Throughout the engagement they received reinforcements from a waiting command ship high in orbit. Their usual tactics of terror were wasted on opponents long used to the horrors of war.

The Imperial Guard led the main offensive against the chaos forces while the Dark Eldar launched swift hit and run attacks. The combined attacks halted the Night Lords advance. The Imperial ground troops pulled back, sending tank regiments into the pummel the enemy. In response, the Night Lords launched several guerrilla raids to immobilize the tank squadrons or destroy heavy weapon batteries.

Once the opportunity arose the Dark Eldar vanished back into the webway leaving the Imperial Guard to fight alone. This resulted in a two month war of attrition until finally the Night Lords vanished back into the Warp as quickly as they had arrived. The Imperial commanders reported that the engagement seemed like a test of resistance, seeking a potential weak spot that hopefully has not been found.

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