Friday, 23 January 2015

Imperium Suffers Losses - Crastus

Blood Angels vs World Eaters

On Crastus a depleted Blood Angels continued their war against the forces of Chaos. They rapidly broke through two thin defence lines which had been built to defend the northern province. An armoured company then took the last of the outer defences which left the Chaos stronghold of Abraxes open for a full on assault by the space marines.

Two hundred marines of the World Eaters were sent out to test the mettle of the invading Blood Angels. They were detected while still several miles out and the Blood Angels dispatched a squadron of stormtalons and stormravens to annihilate them before they could reach the main body of the space marine force. Only a handful survived and they were recalled to defend Abraxes.

The Blood Angels dispatched a team of scouts to reconnoiter the enemy bastion. They were cut down by automated bolter fire and only two men survived to inform the captain of the situation. The decision was made to assault the enemy stronghold despite the encamped forces. The plan was to launch an aerial attack followed up by long range fire from land raiders and vindicators, before sending in the marines.

When the attack started, the Blood Angels aircraft came under surprise assault from a wave of Hell Blade interceptor fighters. The dog fighting continued through the night and into the next day when the armoured companies opened fire on the stronghold walls. As soon as the main walls were breached the space marines advanced down a narrow line. Once they got within 800 feet of the outer walls, the World Eaters opened fire with bolter and heavy weapons. A few marines did breach the walls but were just too outnumbered to be a threat to the berzerkers. Three hours later, the Blood Angels retreated.

On the following morning, the Blood Angels opened fire on the bastion once more with vindicators and land raiders. During the night however, The Skull Throne - a World Eaters Hellfire class heavy cruiser, had entered orbit. At the command of the bastion's commander, she opened fire with all weapon batteries on the loyalist positions.

With the space marines defeated and nothing to stand in their way, the World Eaters expanded their territory in preparation for claiming the skulls of the foul xenos for their blood drenched god.

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