Thursday, 1 January 2015

Chaos Routed from Illiad - Illiad

Blood Ravens vs Thousand Sons

After an exceptional invasion and war against the forces of Chaos, the struggle against Abaddon's legions has run into a stalemate. The local war bands have been joined by a detachment of Thousand Sons led by Ahriman himself. The Thousand Sons marched against the latest Imperial bastions swiftly deployed by the cult mechanicus. It was felt that this engagement was not one that aided the traitor forces and that it was perhaps a distraction for events elsewhere.

The Thousand Sons launched their attack from the North and the West. The Imperial Guard were spread too thinly to hold their advance for more than a few hours. Ahriman deployed terrible daemonically possessed war machines which began to tear through the defenders lines. Suddenly, under cover of aerial fire, the 3rd company of Blood Ravens launched an orbital strike directly into the enemy forces.

Heavy fighting continued for the better part of a day while the Blood Ravens deployed two more companies to the surface. The space marines surrounded the enemy forces and closed in. With their supply lines already weakened and outnumbered by the Blood Ravens, Ahriman teleported his forces away leaving the remaining war bands to their fate at the hands of the Imperium.

With the traitor forces removed, the Imperial war machine could now focus on the Necron presence and reclaim Illiad once and for all.

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