Friday, 30 January 2015

Battle of Helles Front - Crastus

Craftworld Iyanden vs Night Lords

At 03:55 hours on the morning of 280115.M41, ground troops of the Iyanden Craftworld marched upon the region of Crastus known as Helles Front. They had been tasked by the Farseer council with overrunning the Chaos forces present. Resistance was fierce and the by nightfall the Eldar had made little headway. Preparations were made to assault Helles Front in the morning.

In order to direct a direct assault on Helles Front, the Eldar had to breach a series of outposts which covered a three kilometer wide area directly in front of the city fortress. The line was manned by two companies of Night Lords marines. In the early hours Eldar artillery opened fire on the outposts. As the sun rose, a wave of striking scorpions and howling banshees assaulted the outposts. The outposts fields of fire did not overlap and this allowed the Eldar to neutralize them one by one. On the northern edge of the outpost fields, the Eldar ran into a detachment of Night Lords cut off from their comrades. The detachment broke after a short skirmish, and fled westward, thereby creating an opening through which the Eldar advanced. Supporting fire from Helles Front was limited due to the interposed terrain, and the Eldar were rarely in sight to be targeted. One positive side effect was that it slowed the Eldar advance. In the evening, Eldar grav tanks tried repeatedly to attack the city walls but were repelled by heavy weapon teams.

After the seizure of the outposts the day before, the focus of the Eldar was the capture of the outer wall. It had been defended by four Night Lord havoc teams. with predator tank support. There was much more in the way of firepower from the walls which denied the attacking forces any blind spots. The Farseer realised that an all out attack would not work and so ordered a continual artillery barrage which lasted most of the morning. While it did not breach the walls, it did undermine the morale of the defenders, especially the cultists who manned the walls.

After several hours the artillery strike stopped and the Eldar directed their attacks upon a single point in the outer wall. Ammunition was running low for the Night Lords and their lines began to give way under the assault. After a short engagement the wall fell and the Eldar stormed the gap. Once through, the Eldar were in a position to outflank many of the Night Lord companies. A fierce battle ensued but the Eldar weaponry gave them a significant advantage. The Night Lords did not have the resources left to launch any counterattack.

A frantic attempt was made to push the Eldar back through the gaps in the outer wall, but Eldar firepower drove the chaos marines back. The surviving Night Lords fled the city into the hills north of Helles Front where they organised a series of raids on the Eldar but it was not enough and the city was in Eldar hands.

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