Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Amarok Driven From The Ice - Fangol

Ultramarines vs Tyranids

For the better part of a year the Imperium has been fighting a losing battle against the Amarok hordes on Fangol. So far they have held the line but in several key positions the Imperial lines have begun to crumble under the alien attacks. The Emperor protects and as the Imperial lines began to collapse the skies lit up with a shower of drop pods.

The Ultramarines attack blunted the Tyranid onslaught but they could not destroy the invading force from the front lines. Instead, after the initial drop pod assault they relocated quickly to a point 15 miles south where they could punch through and destroy the synapse creatures. The plan otherwise was to simply wear down the swarms of lesser organisms and cause the Tyranids to expend vital biomatter.

First, long probing actions with land speeders and stormtalons, were launched over the Tyranid ground forces. For over ten days the Ultramarines launched these strikes. They then launched their major assault.

A minor breach in the Lahde sector almost led to disaster. By this time there were so many breaches that new reports were often disregarded. Through these breaches the Tyranids launched a counter attack. Quickly, the space marines relocated a squadron of Redeemers and Predator tanks to block their path. The attack was thrown back with the Tyranids suffering major casualties. The Ultramarine tanks then moved in to plug the gap where the gaunts had broken through. The Tyranids had thrown everything they had left into that gap and it's failure left them weakened. The Ultramarines then swiftly moped up the remaining horde, driving the last of the creatures into the path of the Redeemer tanks. Fangol was freed once more.

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