Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Return of Inquisitor Butlerian - Arathis Secundus

Gray Knights vs Space Wolves

After many months away from the war zone, Inquisitor Butlerian has returned with grave news. Reports and psychic communiques have reached him that indicate the Eldar forces in the Midas sector are preparing for a strike at the heart of the Imperial forces in two key sectors - the Midas and Perseus sectors. Warmaster Xerxes gives permission for him to intercept and stop these schemes.

Arriving on Arathis Secundus with a force of Gray Knights just in time to witness the destruction of the last Eldar at the hands of the Space Wolves, Butlerian is furious. He berates the Wolf Lord for not waiting and searches the bodies for any further information about the upcoming attacks. When the Wolf Lord reveals that he has the documents from their Farseer and refuses to hand them over, Butlerian declares this company tainted by forces from the Warp.

The Gray Knights attack in response. The already weakened  Space Wolves attempt to regroup and fight back. However, against a fresh and fully equipped Gray Knight force they are unable to defeat, the Space Wolves are cut down. Butlerian takes the data crystals he seeks from the Wolf Lord's body and orders the bodies destroyed. Best to blame the massacre on the Eldar.

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