Friday, 26 December 2014

The Minora Massacre - Minora IV

Black Templars vs Craftworld Ulthwe.

The Minora Massacre started with an Eldar invasion to mirror the wars on Metallo IV and deny the Imperium the ability to manufacture new weapons and armour. But the attacking force from Ulthwe had not foreseen the arrival and deployment of the Black Templars space marine chapter who had come seeking the whereabouts of ork warlord Ghazghkull Thraka.

Overconfidence on the part of Ulthwe led them to ignore the smaller and seemingly less important targets around the main command city of Minora. From these locations Neophytes cut communication and supply lines, laid mines and sniped obvious Eldar commanders from cover. It did not take long to confuse and divert the Ulthwe troops away from the command city.

On the following day a detachment of Warp Spiders attempted to teleport into the main command site only to be gunned down by Black Templar marines awaiting just such a move. Over the next week the command city was the site of almost constant battle and many were killed by small arms fire. Finally the Eldar attacked en mass failing to consider how strong the Black Templar positions were. The space marines managed to encircle the surviving Ulthwe ground forces and eliminated them with extreme prejudice.

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