Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Imperium Strikes Back - Illiad

Armageddon Steel Legion vs Word Bearers

The Imperium has received fresh reinforcements in the form if an entire regiment of the Armageddon Steel Legion. At first they headed towards Midas Prime to aid in the recapture of the planet but Warmaster Xerxes countermanded the order and redirected them to Illiad. Their orders to engage the enemy and establish a beachhead for the further Imperial troops.

The attack began with the warships launching orbital strikes upon the traitor marine lines and then with a vast airborne deployment of manpower and tanks. The strikes caused severe damage and loss of life, preventing the traitor marines organising an adequate defence. As the troops deployed, a wave of valkyries struck at the Word Bearer defences further keeping them subdued.

Subsequent ground attacks forced the Word Bearers back into the wastes and closer to the Necron lines. The sheer number of tanks, artillery and man on the ground ensured that the traitor marines would be unable to adequately launch a counter attack.

From start to finish the battle lasted for three days and as the Steel Legion pushed out, the Mechanicum arrived to begin construction of new command bastion complex from which to launch the request of Illiad.

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