Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Darkness is Driven Out - Metallo IV

Vostroyan Firstborn vs Dark Eldar

The attack on the remaining Dark Eldar stronghold at Metallo began with an Imperial assault that was swiftly driven back and an associated pincer movement blunted. Aid was called for, and the area was carpet bombed prior to the arrival of a detachment from the Vostroyan Firstborn newly arrived to support the war effort. With their arrival further direct attacks were halted and the battle lines bolstered. Several baneblade super heavy tanks arrived and in conjunction with further bombing the walls of the redoubt were breached.

The next day, in dense almost supernatural fog, both armies engaged in close quarters fighting. Both sides inflicted severe casualties to the other. The Vostroyan's were able to capture two kilometers of the southern front which the Dark Eldar failed to recapture.

The next day saw the Vostroyan tanks continue to pound on the enemy forcing them to retreat into the Imperial lines surrounding them though they failed to break through. For the rest of the day artillery and tanks rained fire down upon their positions. Any attempt by the Dark Eldar to escape was cut down by heavy weapons fire or Imperial aircraft.

It took two more days but with further aid from the Imperial Navy aircraft the Vostroyan Firstborn closed in and entrapped the piratical foe. The Dark Eldar on Metallo IV were cut down and their presence on that world eliminated.

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