Friday, 26 December 2014

The Darkness Destroyed - T'Lau

Ultramarines / Gray Knights vs Dark Eldar.

From the darkness of space a large Dark Eldar raiding force descended upon T'Lau on the hunt for slaves and easy prey. Fortunately the population of T'Lau the Ultramarine force that had until recently been conducting war games in the area were still present and swiftly answered the call to battle. A call for help was dispatched telepathically and answered by Inquisitor Butlerian's Gray Knights.

The Dark Eldar marched on the planetary capitol but were halted 80 miles from their target by an entrenched space marine force. The strong opposition combined with poor weather forced the Dark Eldar to fight on the enemy's terms.

The Ultramarines fought a holding action and awaited reinforcements. The next day the Gray Knights arrived and the two armies rose from their fortifications and advanced into the heart of the Dark Eldar. They met on the banks of the Xiushi River. The speed of the Dark Eldar made it hard to pin them down and for four days the two great formations fought toe to toe. To end the stand off the Dark Eldar called in a wave of Ravager's to decimate the space marine tanks and heavy weapons.

Assault squads from the Ultramarines mobilized and managed to destroy several of these in rapid succession, allowing the surviving Land Raiders and devastator teams to bring down the rest. The Gray Knights took their righteous wrath into the heart of the sybarite warriors who were no match for the Emperor's finest! Just as quickly as they had arrived, the Dark Eldar fled back into the depths of space.

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