Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tau Offensive Continues - Pyros II

Farsight Enclave vs Imperial Guard

In the early hours of 221214.M41 the 351st Cadian exchanged small arms fire with scout forces from the invading Farsight ground troops in the badlands of sector 477. By mid afternoon the main body of the Tau army had crossed into the sector and engaged the Imperial troops. The 351st responded with a barrage from a sizable basilisk detachment. The barrage continued for an hour until Commander Farsight ordered his orbiting starships to destroy the site from orbit. When the dust settled the Imperial forces responded with a wave of aircraft to strafe the incoming army.

The Imperial commanders plan was to hold the Enclave advance and slowly push them back into the badlands where the heat and lack of water would weaken them for a swift eradication. He hoped that it would both demoralize the enemy and give his special forces the opportunity to eliminate the infamous Commander Farsight. His advisers suggested that the Tau could survive for up to a week in the badlands with their current supply lines.

The battle plans changed with the arrival of a wing of Tau hammerhead class tanks outflanking the 351st from the deep deserts. They swiftly eliminated many of the Imperial defence weapons and forced the troops to retreat back into their bunkers. The Imperial commander then made an unwise decision. He ordered most of his troops to escort the remaining battle tanks out into the desert to combat the new Enclave hammerhead squadrons. The troops were not trained in combating the Tau and many were unable to keep up with the tanks. Without infantry support the leman russ battle tanks took a pounding from the enemy. Those troops who had kept up with the tanks found themselves surrounded by the skimmer tanks and destroyed along with their own tanks.

Two days later the Enclave deployed fresh troops and vehicles to the surface of Pyros II, rotating out those who had launched the first attack. The Imperial Guard had no chance of winning this battle and what few remained fought bravely to hold their bastions against the alien advance.

Help did come eventually when the Imperial Navy managed to destroy the Enclave command ship in orbit. Unfortunately it fell through the atmosphere and impacted near the main Imperial command station killing over seven thousand guardsmen and most of the command staff for the planet. A Pyrrhic victory for the Imperium but one that may well cost them the war for Pyros.

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