Friday, 26 December 2014

Reclaiming the Capital - Midas Prime

Blood Drinkers vs Necrons

For the better part of a year the Imperial forces have fought nonstop to contain the Necron invasion of Midas Prime. When regular forces failed to do the job Warmaster Xerxes requested aid from forces outside the sector. Three companies of Blood Drinkers responded.

They began by launching an aerial assault on Hive Alpha Twelve. The attack forced the Necrons to recall many of their warriors from the outlaying districts to defend the command monolith. Once the Necron warriors had contained themselves within the hive city the Blood Drinkers launched their attack. The outer defences fell to the space marines within a matter of days, leaving the central Hive vulnerable.

Necron tomb ships destroyed the battle barge Sanguis Deus before they in turn were destroyed by Battle Fleet Midas. Then, with the aid of the orbiting battle fleet launching bombardments down onto the hive, the Blood Drinkers advanced through the ruins to destroy the Necron defenders. The war to reclaim Midas Prime has begun.

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